Since 1963, CLEI, the world’s leading manufacturer for space saving solutions such as wall beds and Murphy beds, has been broadening the use of furniture in order to create a more functional home. They are at the forefront of transformable systems that save people space and time without compromising on design or quality.

These space solutions, have evolved from the regular bulky pull down beds that were heavy and revealing of their springy mechanisms, into aesthetically pleasing pieces with multiple purposes. This concept of a more malleable use of space has allowed for people to create a smarter and more functional home.

In order to help you better understand the best wall bed options in Miami, we put together this list about 14 facts and FAQs about our wall beds.

1. You don’t always need to have a dedicated guest room to host your guests.

With different kinds of sofa/wall bed units the bed can be completely concealed for day use and for night time, easily pulled down without having to remove anything from its shelf.


The CLEI systems allow for any room of the house to have a multi function including your home office. The LGM (pictured above), is a revolving bookcase that hides a queen sized Murphy bed. Without having to remove or redistribute ANYTHING on its shelves, the system spins to reveal a wall bed.

2. Can you use a regular mattress on a Murphy bed?

Yes. Our Murphy bed accommodates a regular sized mattress. 

Our Murphy beds have real wooden slats and accommodate a real memory foam mattress. However, some of our products will not be able to accommodate extra large mattresses.

If you have questions about specific Murphy beds working with your mattress, visit our Miami or Aventura showrooms. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to answer all your questions.


3. Do Murphy beds ruin mattresses?

No. Our Murphy beds are designed for everyday use. That means that the bed will not damage your mattress whether the bed is down or stored away.

4. They come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate your specific needs.

Our beds are available in European twin, European full, and American queen and are available to be opened vertically or horizontally depending on the model.

The side elements are completely modular so that the shelving and cabinets can fit your space perfectly. This, on top of the hundreds of different color options, allows for extreme customization.

5. They are easy and light to open.

The CLEI units were made to be simple, light, and safe. While each solution has specific locking mechanisms, once the units are unlocked, they are extremely lightweight and simple to maneuver. Opening each unit takes a quick and simple movement, and can be done with one hand. 

6. Your kid’s bedroom and playroom can be one and the same.

Stow away your kid’s bed to make space for fun memories! Available in a bunk bed and/or bunk bed with a desk, these systems make sleepovers and room sharing easy and enjoyable. Pictured above: Kali Duo Board, Altea 120 Sofa, Kali Ponte.

7. There are regular wall beds and there are quality wall beds.

CLEI’s strong market presence, reliability, and pride in their products should give you peace of mind. These sturdy products are designed and manufactured to be used on a daily basis and for long periods of time.


8. Are Wall Beds dangerous?

Many people are concerned about the safety of getting a wall bed for their Miami apartment. They are concerned about it falling down or popping back up and hurting someone.

Our Murphy beds designed by Clei have patented safety designs that make our beds extremely safe to use. Clei wall beds have unique locks and safety features that make them truly one-of-a-kind

For a more in depth look at the safety of our designs check out this video:  


9. Is a Murphy bed a good idea for a Miami apartment?

One of the recent trends in Miami real estate has been the increasing usage of smaller apartments.

Many of these apartments are situated close to the beach and are used as vacation apartments by their owners.

A wall bed is a perfect addition for any Miami apartment owner who is looking to maximize their sleeping and entertaining space.  

Additionally, our Murphy beds are perfect for any guest bedroom. This will allow you to provide a comfortable bed for your visitors while having more space when they are not in town.


10. Can a wall bed be used every day?

Yes. The days of the low quality futon that was stored in your mother’s couch are over. 


The mechanisms of our Murphy beds are made to withstand everyday use. What this means for Anima Domus clients is that they can open and close each wall bed thousands of times and not worry about its longevity. All of our Murphy beds are made with the highest quality materials for ultimate durability.


11. How do you attach a Murphy bed to the wall?

When it comes to installing your Murphy bed, the Anima Domus in-house white-glove delivery team takes care of the entire delivery and installation process. Our highly trained and experienced team has been doing this for many years, guaranteeing our customer’s satisfaction.


12. How much does it cost to get a Murphy bed installed?

The cost of installing our Murphy beds depends on a number of different factors including delivery location, difficulty/size of installation, and other nuances. Consult one of our design specialists for your specific requirements.


13. How much weight does a Murphy bed hold?

Our wall beds should be regarded like any conventional standard bed and can hold the same amount of weight as a regular bed.


14. What should I look for when buying a Murphy bed?

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a wall bed, as with any piece of furniture, is the quality of the product. When investing in your furniture, you want high quality furniture that you will last. Our made in Italy Murphy beds are designed and manufactured with livability and durability in mind. This allows for an aesthetically pleasing piece with incredible functionality.

With over 50 years of experience and a long list of patents, Clei is considered the pioneer Murphy bed company in the world with the best wall beds in the market.

Every beautifully crafted Clei bed has an aesthetic appeal that makes it a perfect addition to your South Florida home. With unbeatable quality and safety features, Clei should be your first choice when choosing a wall bed.

Experience one of our CLEI space saving solutions in action by visiting our showrooms in Miami or Aventura.

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  1. I just recently bought a studio apartment, and I’ve been thinking of ways on how I can further maximize the space. Therefore, I have decided to consider adding a wall bed. Surprisingly, a wall bed comes in various shapes and sizes, depending on what I need.

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