Since 1962, CLEI, the world’s leading manufacturer for space saving solutions such as wall beds and murphy beds, has been broadening the use of furniture in order to create a more functional home. They are at the forefront of transformable systems that save people space and time without compromising on design or quality.

These space solutions, have evolved from the regular bulky pull down beds that were heavy and revealing of their springy mechanisms, into aesthetically pleasing pieces with multiple purposes. This concept of a more malleable use of space has allowed for people to create a smarter and more functional home.

Anima Domus also has you covered if you want to buy a traditional platform bed. But if you are looking for something different…

Here are 6 things that you might not know about wall beds and why you need one:

1. You don’t always need to have a dedicated guest room to host your guests.

CLEI---Tango-divano-270--e-App.1.1 CLEI---Tango-divano-270--e-App.2.1

With different kinds of sofa/wall bed units, such as the Tango pictured above, the bed can be completely concealed for day use and for night time, easily pulled down without having to remove anything from its shelf.


The CLEI systems allow for any room of the house to have a multifunction including your home office. The LGM pictured above, is a revolving bookcase that hides a queen sized murphy bed. Without having to remove or redistribute ANYTHING on its shelves, the system spins to reveal a wall bed.

2. Your mother-in-law (or any guest really) won’t complain about back pain.

CLEI---Kali-Sofa-120---Altea-Book---Wally.1 CLEI---Kali-Sofa-120---Altea-Book---Wally.2

Our murphy beds have real wooden slats and accommodate a real memory foam mattress. This will keep your guests extra comfortable and happy while at your home.

3. They come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate your specific needs.

CLEI---Circe-Sofa.2 CLEI---Circe-Sofa.1

Our beds are available in twin, european full, and queen. The side elements are completely modular so that the shelving and cabinets can fit your space perfectly and the beds are available to be opened vertically or horizontal depending on your needs. This, on top of the hundreds of different color options, allows for extreme customization. Pictured above: Circe Sofa.

4. They are easy and light to open.

Clei Swing Convertible Wall Murphy

The CLEI units were made to be simple, light, and safe. While each solution has specific locking mechanisms, once the units are unlocked, they are extremely lightweight and simple to maneuver. Opening each unit takes a quick and simple movement, and can be done with one hand. Pictured above: Swing.

5. Your kid’s bedroom and playroom can be one and the same.

CLEI---Kali-Duo-Board-2200---Altea-Book-120-Sofa.1CLEI---Kali-Duo-Board-2200---Altea-Book-120-Sofa.2 CLEI---Kali-Duo-Board-2200.1 CLEI---Altea-120-Sofa---Girò---Kali-Ponte-2561.3 CLEI---Altea-120-Sofa---Girò---Kali-Ponte-2561.2

Stow away your kid’s bed to make space for fun memories! Available in a bunk bed and/or bunk bed with a desk, these systems make sleepovers and room sharing easy and enjoyable. Pictured above: Kali Duo Board, Altea 120 Sofa, Kali Ponte.

6. There are regular wall beds and there are quality wall beds.


CLEI’s strong market presence, reliability, and pride in their products should give you peace of mind. These sturdy products are designed and manufactured to be used on a daily basis and for long periods of time. Pictured above: Ulisse Dining, Swing O.

Experience one of our CLEI space saving solutions in action by visiting our showrooms in Miami or Aventura.

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