Lighting more than many other décor pieces can truly redefine a space. At once, it can be a focal point, and an ambient environmental element. Lighting can change how your furniture looks in your space and is truly key to creating an incredible home.

When you invest in a unique lighting piece, you invest in quality of life and function at the same time. While some of the benefits seem intangible, when you find the right pieces, it all becomes clear. We offer lighting that stands out in a market of overwrought contemporary furniture.

Pileo-wood-floor-lampHave a look at the pieces we feel define a space better than anything else on the market.

Within this overview of lighting options, you will find elegant lines and stark contrasts. Defining shapes, and subtle influences. Powerful profiles and opulent finishes.

What should be clear with lighting, and this collection specifically – a portfolio of high-end lighting need not always follow a specific track, but all good lighting can stand on its own or tell a story that meets a buyer’s expectations.

Note: Even though many overviews do not mention the ability to customize, many of the selections have a special way of making them unique and one of a kind. Each of these pieces are high-end and exquisite – crafted by masters of their disciplines and held to immense standards.

They are for lack of better words, luxurious, meticulous and built to be enjoyed for many years as functional art in a space where perfect lighting is needed.

Some lighting is just timeless, regardless of what design philosophy it espouses or takes influence from – we want to introduce you to some of these timeless pieces.

Amarcord 1Porada – Amarcord

The Porada Amarcord is organic but composed. The feel of the piece is evocative of old-world craftsmanship, juxtaposed upon a contemporary palette. Simple shapes redefine luxury for a space that can hold such a majestic and monolithic piece that offers such strength. Strength in composure and presence – this is a piece made with an ethereal feel with its under lighting and a mysteriousness that is brought out through the simple design ethos and gorgeously figured Canaletto Walnut.

Proportion and presence is such a contributor to the way that the Amarcord can transform a space, or meld into a space that complements it’s big personality.


arco1Flos – Arco

With legendary style, this is a lithe and composed lamp that relies on timeless lines and a beautifully simple overall concept. Tangible, refined materials work harmoniously to bring a somewhat whimsical approach to any starkly contemporary space.  


BEAT-lights-group-Tom-DixonTom Dixon – Beat Collection

Tom Dixon brings artisan finish concepts to pieces that can fit anywhere. The classic lines of the beat collection eschew conventional design philosophies to go for the ultimate in composure. It achieves both a handmade aesthetic and a fluid, flowing design that allows it to flourish in a space with a complementary style, while still being a talking point. A hand-hammered interior offers a luminosity that is both profound and subdued. The diffused light is a honey and amber reflection of these gorgeous interiors. The exterior shape definition allows you to stage the background with a cool, comfortable profile that offers infinite style options. Available as a floor, pendant, or table lamp.


Bolla 1Porada – Bolla

Natural and organic; subtle, but introspective. These are merely words to describe concepts of whole emotions that the Bolla lamp can induce. The calming and uniform profile includes subtle, but purposeful custom-made lines. It’s a unique reminder that each piece is made by hand, and yet, offers such interesting and comfortable consistency that can help you find your center.


etch-group-04_3Tom Dixon – Etch Light

Geometric and industrial, but calming and serene, the bold metallic finishes offer a strong statement in materials, while the pendant and light configurations offer that comfortable silence that only the most profound designs can invoke. The Etch light highlights the robustness of the Tom Dixon lighting options. It can be showcased through different pendant options in so many ways that can make it a focal point, or, a backdrop option in so many different rooms. The geodesic architecture is so flexible and offers such interesting possibilities for designers or owners.


Gary 1Porada – Gary

Such a defining piece of contemporary Italian lighting, the Gary is so beautifully and meticulously designed and executed. Every inch of the Gary lamp is well thought out and built to evoke a slim and flexible architecture; yet it is such a natural and obvious collection of materials that are not normally associated with slim lines and flexibility. The walnut and marble and cast brass with bronze finish recollect old world heritage methodologies and the outlines and articulating control arms showcase genuine contemporary styling.


grandecostanza1Luceplan – Grande Costanza

Delicate and approachable; focused and realistic, the Grande Costanza is perhaps the finest example of its kind because it blatantly and intentionally redefines what it means to be a floor light. You cannot copy the essence of a lamp like the Grande Costanza, because it’s so present and obvious in its stature – which just so happens to be institutionally demure, and available.


Gru 1Porada – Gru

For those who believe that quantity means nothing, when all needs are met by purposeful, minimal tools, the Gru by Porada is a tool. The type of tool that you would polish and protect before you put it away because it brings out that level of awareness to its beauty and functionality and form. This will be a tool that can be passed along to the next generation with pride.


logico1Artemide – Logico Triple Linear

You will get comments from anyone who sees the Logico Triple linear no matter where you decide to place it. Not just the first time they see it either. It is profound in its uniqueness and obvious in its coolness. The handblown, frosted encasement of glass offers a strong and resolute presence that can improve many different styles of tables and room décor, because of it’s powerful looks. The sinewy stainless-steel cables that support the glass, reinforces this fluid yet strong outline.


Melt-Copper,Chrome,GoldTom Dixon – Melt Light

Ultra-modern; this sophisticated design still pays homage to traditional old-world techniques with the hand blown glass shade cover. It also offers a mirrored, modern look when not illuminated. This back and forth play between organic and pristine offers you the creativity to be bold in other aspects of complementary décor.


Mirror Ball floor lamps Tom DixonTom Dixon – Mirror Ball

A brilliant play on hot and cold, this is a science fiction play on hand crafted perfection. As it sits, the overall feel is defined and resolute and cold, until you turn it on, when it exudes warmth and mystery and possibility. Two sizes offer a massive presence that is also an enhancement of anywhere it is placed, through its ability to reflect the already existing beauty in your space.


Flos Miss K table lampFlos – Miss K

A masterful play on diffusion and depth, the Miss K is slim and proper, but a bit mysterious and brooding too. The playful color and finish options give you a perfect way to complement any mood or area though the simple lines and the complex build quality. The dimmer is a brilliant addition to a piece that already has so much nuance and allows you even more control over output for true mood lighting.

 nurgloss3Artemide – Nur Gloss

Contemporary down to every molecule in its DNA, and obvious in its effect, this is a downlight of epic profile and presentation. A superb rendition of everything magical about the most contemporary pieces, this is a beautiful high gloss, high contrast, high impact lighting that will turn heads no matter where it is placed. 

 Pileo-wood-floor-lampPorada – Pileo

So true to the sense of contemporary design, the Pileo offers something for the most devout lovers of the genre, with the otherworldly shade design and the structurally beautiful three-legged architecture. This is a harmonious pairing of tin and walnut along with a fabric cord. It is available as a showstopping standalone floor model or a comfortable, approachable table variant.


SiriusReflex – Sirius

Shimmering and meticulous, this suspended lighting fixture offers an endless backdrop with shining, individually hand-blown elements when the mirrored glass support is chosen. It is also available in stark white or deep black, that offers more flexibility to the piece. But the story of Sirius is the space and depth and luminosity that comes from so many satellite inclusions in the ‘out of this world’ concept.

  taccia1Flos – Taccia

The Taccia is a modern table lamp that is sophisticated and intriguing. Like a fine sportscar, the lines offer a metallic endurance, and support a strong, robust powerplant that can show both power and grace in a given room while offering stature and magnificence without trying too hard. A gorgeous Italian piece that evokes thoughts of industry and refinement in a piece that has stylistic depth.


tolomeo1Artemide – Tolomeo Mega

Sleek and purposeful, you may say this is an excellent lamp able to deliver needed functionality. It is. But it is also a work of art, from the delicate diffuser made of parchment or fabric, including a pale grey sator. But the form of this lamp is equally impressive as its function. The lithe, extruded aluminum arms and tensioning support allow this contemporary lamp to be articulated in many positions, perfect for use while relaxing with a good book, or basking in the warmth of the overhead light.


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