At the center of entertainment and making a spectacular impression on guests is a dining room table that ties together the design elements of your dining space while performing a necessary function in the room. A dining room table is not just for decoration, so it needs to work well for how you plan to use it. It should provide ample seating for parties, but still work beautifully for more intimate gatherings as well. As you shop for the perfect table to define this all-important space in your home, consider the symbolic meaning of it as a focal point. A dining room table is more than just a place to eat. It’s a symbol of warmth, connection, and also success. Below is a list of eighteen unique dining tables that will beautify any home that they are found in.  

18 Unique Dining Room Tables



Pilar Dining Table by Porada

The Pilar table elevates contemporary design with its impeccable craftsmanship and bold style. With a lovely base comprised of solid ash wood cylinders in a choice of up to three colors, the Pilar table conveys luxury and grace to the dining room. 



Marathon Dining Table by Cattelan Italia

With a unique combination of finishes on the base, the Marathon table sets itself apart with its arched wood frame and metal support. Impeccably topped with a clear glass top with a sleek beveled edge, the Marathon table is sophisticated, light, and perfect for a formal dining space.



Big Wave Dining Table by Fiam

With a base made of four separate 30mm DV glass elements, the Big Wave dining table redefines glass base dining tables. Available in different glass finishes such as clear, colored, monochrome or striped glass– the tasteful pairing of wood and glass make this table timeless.


Perseo Noce

Perseo Dining Table by Tonelli

This Tonelli  glass dining table is striking while remaining extraordinarily simple and elegant. The Perseo dining table flips classic dining room table styles and presents a unique masterpiece that incorporates a glass tabletop on wooden legs. This rare appearance gives the table a sturdy, solid feel while also maintaining the light and airy.



Infinity Dining Table by Porada

The Infinity dining table by Porada features a spiral-style base with a thin, polished wooden or glass tabletop. This table offers single or multiple base designs, and is available in either solid Canaletto walnut or ash wood with either a wooden or glass top. The Infinity table offers a wide array of shape options for all space types, including circular, ellipse, oval, and rectangular shape options.


Jean Botte 2

Jean Dining Table by Porada

A pattern of circular cutouts trace their way around the steel base creating a fascinating blend that is both solid and elusive. The Jean dining table will add charm and finesse to your dining room while having a certain flair! Jean can be customized in multiple ways including, different finishes, different shaped bases and a top in wood, marble, or glass.



Coral Beach Dining Table by Fiam

Inspired by the South Florida ocean, the Coral Beach dining table brings unique techniques to create a totally different, fused glass top. This breathtaking table has movement and so much personality. Available in a transparent finish or with a back-lacquered metallic finish.



Bakkarat Dining Table by Tonelli

The Bakkarat dining table is sleek and geometric in the most intriguing way. A clever design that will certainly catch the hearts and eyes of onlookers, this Tonelli dining table is sure to be a hit in any dining room. A beautiful option as both a circular breakfast table or a formal dining option, you can choose the best size for your design needs.


Skorpio Keramik

Skorpio Dining Table by Cattelan Italia

With a dynamic design and numerous possibilities, there is no doubt to why the Skorpio dining table is a client favorite! Choose between a beautiful glass, wood, or ceramic top to be situated on a triangular base that is sleek and contemporary. This arrangement features four isosceles triangles, slightly rotated, that join in the middle to form a sturdy and elegant base.



Greenwich Dining Table by Arketipo

The Greenwich table is characterized by a sculpture-like design and its unique sense of detail. The fluid curving base paired with the off-center metal ring gives the Greenwich a sophisticated appeal, while its simple smooth wood top finishes the masterpiece artfully.



Mellow Dining Table by Bonaldo

The contemporary dining table, Mellow consists of two rigid polyurethane legs that curve towards each other towards a warm embrace. Soft, curvilinear shapes create the perfect balance and an extremely pleasing visual effect. The oval top is available in wood, glass, marble, or ceramic and can be designed to look perfect for your individual space.



Art Dining Table by Bonaldo

This table earns its spot on the unique table list because of its added element of customization.  Unlike any other tables on this list, the Art table allows you to customize the insert on its geometric base. For a fun twist to your dining-room, check out the Art table!

Modern Air Wildwood Dining Table by Lago on Glass Legs

Air Wildwood Dining Table by Lago

The Air Wildwood dining table is a fantastic addition for those who enjoy the warmth of contemporary design with the levity of minimalism. The tabletop of this stunning table is made of treated exposed wood while the base is made from two panes of clear glass that make it look like its floating. For an even sleeker appearance, order the Air Wildwood with a lacquered wood tabletop.



Dragon Dining Table by Cattelan Italia

A stylish seamless base and barrel-shaped top, creates the stunning Dragon table by Cattelan Italia. The refined thin metal base creates a very contemporary look while its elegant top adds depth. Try it with irregular wooden edges or a clean keramik finish for something no one has seen before! 


Stratos Dining Table by Cattelan Italia 

The distinctive angles of the Stratos base give this breathtaking table its one-of-a-kind feel. This geometric, yet flowing table allows for a myriad of customization options including the base in titanium, graphite, or black and top in wood, glass, Crystalart, or Keramik!



Hype Dining Table by Fiam

The Hype table takes the glass top dining table to an incredible new level with its rare, back-lacquered and textured effect option. his table has a unique design while remaining elegant and easy to pair with a contemporary space.

U-table (1)

U Dining Table by Lago

A contemporary style to a classical shape, the U table by Lago has the form of a bow– a timeless and architectural look. This remarkable table has a metal base in a titanium or pewter finish and top in wood or lacquered glass.


segno table

Segno Dining Table by Reflex

Truly a work of art, the Segno table looks and feels smooth and luxurious with a sporty twist. The table designed by world-renowned Pininfarina, is available in composite material with metal support in shiny henné lacquered, brass or titanium finish. 


Circe 4

Circe Dining Table by Porada

The Circe Dining Table utilizes a blend of glass and wooden materials to explore the concept of spatial awareness. The rounded top is made from 12mm thick clear tempered glass that rests on a base crafted from solid canaletta walnut. The intricate curves in the wood form three points of intersection with the top to create an elegant dining feature.


Neolitico Dining03

Neolitico Dining Table by Reflex

Its circular design already makes it stand out on this list, but the real thing that sets the Neolitico dining table apart from the rest is its stunning use of sculpted glass as a table base. This Reflex dining table is made almost entirely from glass, which creates a stunning ethereal appearance that’s excellent for any refined and artistic dining room area.


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