The humble chair – once a simple tool, has evolved into a functional piece of art that can harmonize with the human body and with an environment to provide more than just utility.

When you ask an Italian about food, art, culture, and design – few things converge upon the subjects like a dining scenario. The strongholds of the Italian community, beautifully, cohesively on display in the form of a comfortable, stunning seating implement.

There are certain pieces that still the heart for a moment when you see them. It’s sort of a litmus test for the team at Anima Domus to select a dining chair – is it remarkable? Does it literally make the viewer remark? You can judge for yourself, but we want to tell a story about design, influence, contemporary utility, and comfort by showcasing 20 of our favorite chairs that simply redefine the dining chair in a contemporaneous fashion.

It is a collection of chairs that are so uniquely NOW, and fresh, and yet, they have soul and a depth of design influence that is not easy to tell without viewing them.

And oh, when you see these dining chairs – beware, your heart may skip a beat.

It’s important to note, most of these dining chairs offer incredible flexibility in customization – even if it isn’t explicitly mentioned. From fabrics to leather, to colors and finishes, these are chairs that you can make yours and nobody else’s if you so desire.

Can a piece of furniture at once, be timeless and contemporary? We think so. Here are twenty examples of some such furniture pieces. Welcome to our Dining Chair Collection.

arcadia2Cattelan Italia – Arcadia

Refined and elegant, and full of surprises. A combination of characteristics not normally reserved for a dining chair. The Arcadia eschews a single format in favor of flexibility and approachability, with some exceptional options for customization. Add wing-like arms to the slim, curvy seat or keep it more contemporary by maintaining the minimal footprint. Colors and finishes, including some stunning fabrics make this the perfect one-off dining companion.  


flat4Tonon – FL@T

So smart and ultra-contemporary, the Tonon Fl@t chair pairs a rigid base with an enveloping seating surface to match the comfort and stability of some of the most iconic chairs in contemporary design. A brilliant play on soft and strong, the Fl@t offers a unique take on casual dining that allows a sophisticated option if you need one. A perfect mix of materials.

ESTER_WPorada – Ester

Ultra-contemporary, the Ester offers something most chairs cannot – mystery and excitement that comes from every bit of the grain of the gorgeous wood frames (Canaletta walnut or Frassino ash). The elegant lines are almost futuristic, but so refined too. There are so many options to make these stunning chairs fit anywhere a statement piece is needed.

dumbo1Dumbo – Miniforms

Like a giant hug, the Miniform Dumbo waits to cover you in warmth and a plush embrace. The simple outline and minimalist footprint offer a fantastic harmony, considering it’s such an inviting and larger-than-life chair. Available in a depth of textures and colors and detailing that allows it to be placed anywhere. The design is timeless and clean, but it has such a lingering coziness that is hard to find in many contemporary pieces. 

suiteP4Suite P – Midj

There is no question that this undeniably contemporary design also pays tribute to the mid-century movement. And why not? The minimalism and organic feel of the design and materials makes it a soulful and eye-catching contrast to a monochromatic motif. The impeccable stitching of the cushion and perfectly joined, hand-fitted frame speaks to the essence of Midj and collaborating designer AtelierNanni. The Suite P chair is so versatile and timeless, it can go anywhere and start a conversation. This Italian chair proves that one need not be a Dutch master to evoke a sense of history, while still maintaining a contemporary set of lines. 


Ionis 3Porada – Ionis

After seeing the Ionis with your own eyes, you’ll recognize what a powerful chair it is that can exude both humility and pride at the same time. Humble in its architecture, proud of its stature, this is a chair that will struggle to find contemporaries with the attention to detail, like the immaculate stitching and the handcrafted wood frames. It is a gorgeous reminder that details can be everything.

isabel1Cattelan Italia – Isabel

For long dinners with your most sophisticated acquaintances, this is the soft and smooth seating you want for long dining table discussions, that still allows you to show off your design intuition and subtle decorating prowess. It will age with such grace and is so timeless – it may never be replaced.

sit2Reflex – Sit

The Reflex Sit Chair line is a collaboration for Reflex with the famed Pininfarina and capitalizes on that svelte, smooth aesthetic that made the design firm renowned. The subtle hints of curve and the seamless integration of flats with arcs, with multiple textures atop the sturdy architecture call out to viewers. The versatility of not only the look, but of the specific chair qualities from armless to single arm or both, makes this a perfect dining chair with a multi-purpose goal. It’s not that often you find a work of art that can play any position in the field.  

Up Leather 6Tonon – UP

Up by Tonon is a futuristic take on the contemporary palette that remains slightly grounded with it’s wide, four-legged design that evokes symmetry and calm. The brilliant curvature that hides within itself is a testament to timelessness and effortlessness and the chair delivers on both. It is an infinitely likable chair with body hugging comfort that strikes a beautiful balance between cool and cozy. Perfect for the post modern and contemporary space while still inviting a person to sit and relax.  

Nissa 1Porada – Nissa

Let the sunlight in, with this approachable, nature-inspired design that pulls gorgeous natural materials together to create a lush and comfortable seating experience that is still classy and strong and sophisticated. A perfect match to the name, this is a playful and inviting dining chair that you won’t want to leave when the food is put away.

Concept 2Tonon – Concept

Brilliantly stark in it’s outline, the Concept chair wraps the user in comfortable foam that is both body-conforming, and semi-rigid to create an easy to maintain chair that is so inviting. The strong aesthetic of the wings on the back and the ergonomically curved sitting base, combined with the four wide legs creates a solid, comfortable experience. Customization options open the Concept up into so many spaces thanks to the harmony it achieves, despite such a variable mix of materials and finishes. 

Belinda1Cattelan Italia – Belinda 

Super contemporary, but the Belinda chair doesn’t skimp on comfort or classic lines. The straightforward design is a bold homage to the classical lines, while bravely still showcasing the clean, contemporary colors and footprint. This is a supremely comfortable chair that allows for long hours around the dining table. The lines denote clean contemporary motifs, but the seating experience reminds you that contemporary can mean comfortable. Beautiful, supple leather and smart eco-leather are but a tiny fraction of optional finishes.

Ginevra2Cattelan Italia – Ginevra

Ginevra by Cattelan Italia boldly proclaims that form and function can coexist without losing anything from either. The chair is unrepentant in its striking display of utility and the gorgeous lines prove it is a marvel of contemporary design. It is rare you will find a more straightforward dining chair that still has as much comfort and attention to user experience built into it. The simplicity and boldness exude a quiet power that only the finest furniture can.  

Sofia 1Cattelan Italia – Sofia

Refined and sophisticated, the Sofia chair is what contemporary designers seek after when trying to pay tribute to classical furniture without losing the contemporary edge. The subtlety of the swept back legs and the delicately placed secondary cushion offer insight into a gorgeous chair that is meant to evoke a sense of tradition and home but is very unapologetically contemporary. The elegant optional coverings and arm architectures as well as the finishes make this a masterpiece of functional furniture that can adapt to any space. 

Miss-Lacy-room-koishi-driadeDriade – Miss Lacy

Philippe Stark designed – championed by Driade, this is something special. It is strong and regal and old-world, while still being able to convey contemporary stances and attitudes. It is a perfect piece to blend a room and make transitions. It is also powerful enough to ‘be the room’ if it needs to be. It is at once a bit of ‘estate jewelry’ and contemporary flair. It is a mysterious and powerful chair that offers something different for everyone who beholds it.

Soft chair 2Reflex – Soft

Enrobed in supple, subtly pebbled leather that embraces you comfortably, the strength of the Soft, is in its ability to maintain stature while also cradling you in sublime, cultured comfort. It is a beautiful piece of Italian craftsmanship. You can feel its roots in tradition, and its bold contemporary flair in the powerful design additions.

Vela chair 13Reflex – Vela

If you follow the best in Italian design it will likely be no mystery to you when you see it, that this is a Pininfarina design. That muscular and lithe look that pairs so well with buttery smooth leather and cool high gloss finishes. The chair that evokes thoughts of lightness, responsiveness and power, this is a legendary designer and design firm channeled through a gorgeous contemporary dining chair.  

Andy 1Porada – Andy

Classical style influences that maintain a sleek and slim look so as not to detract from an overall design motif, this chair hugs you like a close friend and makes you comfortable as soon as you meet its gaze across the room. Perfect lines for a mixed design room or a transitional area focused on dining, this is a rare juxtaposition of timelessness, flawlessness and sleekness.

By Chair 1Bonaldo – By

The By chair is very uniquely a chair for today, that will caress you with ultra-smooth looks and superior comfort. This is the chair for those that want to make a statement without ever saying a word. It will cradle you delicately and showcase your style boldly. This is not the chair that will fade into the space, this is the chair that invites conversation.

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