As a family run business, Anima Domus takes great joy in celebrations that promote camaraderie and togetherness. As such, the holiday of Thanksgiving is one very near and dear to our hearts because it is all about being grateful for the people in your life.


This year, our Anima Domus family has come up with a list of unconventional items that will help you host all of your family and friends this Thanksgiving!



1. The Golia


OZZIO design - GOLIA.15

OZZIO design - GOLIA.16

OZZIO design - GOLIA.17


The Golia Console/Dining table by Ozzio is an extendable table that can spend most of the year as a console. Whenever you want to host, you add its “leaves” and it can fit up to 10 people. Fluctuating between 17 inches to 115 inches, it is the space saving hack of all hacks!




2. The 4×4


4x4  (1)

4x4  (12)

4x4  (3)

Another table that needs to be spotlighted is the 4×4 by Ozzio. It is a beautiful contemporary extendable table that can serve as your dining table all year round. It comfortably sits 6-8 people when closed, but open, it easily fits 12-14. Since it isn’t your usual extendable table, it elongates both in width and length which allows it to fit all the delicious Thanksgiving food in the middle too! (Want to see how easily it opens? Watch here:




3. The LGM


CLEI-LGM02 (2)

CLEI-LGM02 (1)

Your family and friends are in town and all of your guest bedrooms are full. Or your apartment doesn’t have the space to accommodate extra people. You want them to be comfortable in your home so a clunky sofa bed is out of the question. Your best solution is to go with a CLEI space saving system such as the LGM. The LGM is a bookcase that blends seamlessly into an office or even a living room. However, the shelves rotate inwards into the system and out comes a queen sized bed with a real mattress to guarantee comfort.




4. The AP





The AP by Lapalma is essentially art that is functional to the home. Made from a single sheet of wood, the award winning AP is (in our opinion) the world’s most versatile seating solution. It is small and stackable making it a nice accent piece in any room. However, because it is the same height of a dining chair, you can add it to the table when you have more guests than chairs. This piece is a holiday ‘must have’ because you can take it to any room and give it any function.




5. Tom Dixon Accessories


Cog Collection & Packaging Landscape

Etch Tea Light Holder Group

Brew White Background


There are so many Tom Dixon accessories that are exquisite, that it would be a shame to talk about just one. If you are hosting or even attending a Thanksgiving party this year, Tom Dixon has some gorgeous accessories that make for great decorations and gifts.




6. The Markus


markus smalled




This coffee table by Ozzio is a ‘must have’ for a group that spends Thanksgiving laughing over board games and cards. When closed, its natural oak top and glass bottom will give your living room a modern and sleek look. However, the unique thing about the Markus is that you can lift part of the table open and you will find a bench and space to store your favorite boardgames and cards.




Regardless of how you decorate this Thanksgiving, Anima Domus wants to thank you: our readers, our clients, and our manufacturers for all that you do for us.


Stay posted for more inspirations that will encourage your contemporary lifestyle!



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