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At Anima Domus, we pride ourselves in having strong and meaningful relationships with our designers. With almost eighteen years of being one of South Florida’s prominent contemporary furniture stores, we have been able to grow and nurture these relationships into true friendships. These friendships brings with it a sense of trust and camaraderie that allows us each to serve our clients better and create amazing projects together.
After years of working together on countless projects, we consulted with Tatiana Moreira from StyleHaus Design for her to provide a special touch to the new showroom by designing inspiring light fixtures.


A wise Mies van der Rohe once said, “God is in the detail.”
As soon as you walk into the showroom, you can instantly see how the details of the chandeliers influence the environment. They allow you to feel the big picture as you would in your home.



We asked Tatiana to give us some tips on lighting design:


“Tatiana’s Tips for the perfect lighting cluster”

1. Be aware of the space/ambient size so that you don’t over do it.

2. What are your lighting needs? Do you need a very bright space or just regular ambient lighting?

3. Select one type of fixture/collection and work with few of them, varying its sizes and colors

4. Be careful not to over do it with too many fixtures and/or accents.  Define what the main “element” of the space is and keep the other items simpler.

ie.: If your key element is the the light fixture arrangement, the furniture and decor around should be understated. Any space should have only 1 or 2 key element.  Keep the “less is more” rule.  ; )

5. When installing the fixtures, set different heights and volumes but find the balance as an overall. Keeping some symmetry always help to bring the balance and the sense of clean/organized space.


Credits: Photography by Mayra Roubach



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