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Italian wall units offer exceptional utility and unforgettable, timeless design. Anima Domus represents only the most prestigious brands made-in-Italy that craft custom wall units tailored to your space. Our team has the experience and real-world understanding of these projects and can help you create the perfect solution with a plethora of customization options.

How Does It Work?

You submit a floorplan or measurements of the space and what you want to accomplish. Our team of professionals get to work on crafting a solution that will meet your aesthetic goals and provide incredible functionality.

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Italian manufacturers have that undeniable appeal. From warm, approachable units that prioritize harmony and function, to pieces that are starkly within a design category, there are wall units that fit any space and style. Using the perfect combinations of wood, glass, leather, integrated lighting and other innovative materials, Anima Domus works with Italian suppliers to craft beautiful and thoughtful wall units. When the possibilities are almost endless, what do you want from a wall unit?

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