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W 200 X D 100 X H 75 cm

W 78 3/4” X D 39 3/8” X H 29 1/2”


W 240 X D 120 X H 75 cm

W 94 1/2” X D 47 1/4” X H 29 1/2”


W 250 X D 100 X H 75 cm

W 98 3/8” X D 39 3/8” X H 29 1/2”


W 300 X D 108 X H 75 cm

W 118 1/8” X D 42 1/2” X H 29 1/2”


Please see data sheet for more available sizes.


  • Top: Mat Ceramic in Ardesia gray, Laurent. Glossy ceramic in Calacatta, Gold onice. Ceramic Silk finish in Calacatta Macchia vecchia. Glossy or mat marble in Carrara, Marquinia, Emperador, Calacatta. 
  • Base: Metal in white, anthracite gray, brown, black, dove gray. Plus metal in bronze, pearl gold, platinum, lead. Special metal in copper bronze, burnished. 
  • Base inserts: (N°4) standard in the same finish as the base. (N°2) Wood: walnut, coal oak, natural oak. Metal in a different color than the base.

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