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Contemporary wall units are an optimal way to add style and storage to your living space. They are great for concealing unwanted ugly cables, providing useful storage, displaying precious objects, decluttering the room, and holding up your beautiful television. TV units are an important center piece or focal point for any space as families tend to gather around them to watch movies and enjoy each other’s company. Selecting the right one that fits your needs can really enhance your home.

Commonly known as entertainment centers, TV units, or media centers, the wall unit is a prominent piece that can be easily created and configured to fit your family room, living room, office, or bedroom. Modern wall units at Anima Domus are fully modular systems that can be custom made to fit the specific dimensions of your walls. Our in-house Project Department consists of highly technical professionals that can create an entertainment system tailored to your specific needs, in various incredible finishes. Whether you require extra storage for all of those old photos or DVDs with sentimental value, need a bedroom wall unit with an integrated desk, or want something minimal just to conceal cables, our project department is excited for the creative journey to create your ideal wall unit.

Air Shelving

Manufactured by Lago | Design by Daniele Lago   The Air shelving system is airy and light, seeming almost like it floats in the air. The shelves come in lacquered wood or Wildwood oak and contrast nicely with the thin glass structure. This system is freestanding and finished on both sides so that it can be used … Continue reading “Air Shelving”


Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Designed by Giorgio Cattelan   The Airport bookcase is modular masterpiece that truly embraces the contemporary aesthetic. Available both wall-mounted or ceiling-hanging, this bookcase is a truly flexible and versatile solution for your home or offices space. Brackets and pillars in titanium, white, black or graphite embossed lacquered steel. Shelves and containers in … Continue reading “Airport”


Manufactured by i4Mariani | Design by Alessandro Dubini   The Beat bookcase has dynamic rhythm given by the alternation of differently sized modules that are joined together. The saddle leather holders give this modular bookcase its charm. The frame of the bookcase is made in particleboard panels 20 mm thickness veneered in oak wood; the … Continue reading “Beat”


Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Design by Paolo Cattelan The Boxer TV unit is composed of a sturdy white or graphite embossed lacquered frame encompassing a Canaletto walnut, white or graphite embossed lacquered drawer unit. The interior rectangular drawer unit, with solid Canaletto walnut doors, is bordered by the frame to create an regal appearance.


Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Designed by Giorgio Cattelan   A stunning, sleek, and modular bookcase with both shelving and container options to fit your specific lifestyle needs. The Freeway can be hung from the ceiling or wall and can be in titanium or bronze with fumé glass.


Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Designed by Ono Design   For a great storage solution that is stylish and versatile, the Latitude bookcase is the perfect piece. With large and small open compartments in multiple sizes, you get a gorgeous place to hold your belongings and display your favorite accessories. Available in titanium or bronze … Continue reading “Latitude”


Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Design by Paolo Cattelan The Link TV unit features a white or graphite embossed lacquered frame that provides a partial perimeter to the interior drawer unit, available in Canaletto walnut, white or graphite embossed lacquered wood. Despite the fragmented features, this entertainment console embodies a complete look and serves as … Continue reading “Link”


Manufactured by Sangiacomo   The Modo modular bookcase is a fully customizable system that fits perfectly to your specific home needs. It’s 5cm frame creates a solid starting point and it’s extremely versatile options of shelving, drawers, doors, tv panels, sliding panels, and more allows creativity to flourish into a unique composition. The unit can be … Continue reading “Modo”


Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Designed by Brogliato Traverso   Stackable and versatile, the Nautilus brings a luxurious appeal to whatever space it is in. This unit can be free standing with a ballast or anchored to the wall.  Available in titanium, graphite, or black embossed lacquered steel.


Manufactured by Tonelli | Design by Debonademeo Studio   The Paradigma is an incredible freestanding glass bookcase with interlocking thin metal sheet. Choose from a circular or arched design in a brushed bronze or brushed black finish. Glass in extra clear or smoked.  


Manufactured by Pianca | Design by R&S The Spazio Wall Unit is a leader in contemporary design, utilizing both wall hanging and free standing storage components to balance between closed and open spaces. The lower wall unit utilizes wooden elements while the upper wall piece embraces a glass-face. This configuration composes an authentic personal storage system.


Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Designed by Tosca Design   Geometrical and sleek, the Spinnaker is a stylish bookcase perfect for books and home decor items! Wall or ceiling mounted, the Spinnaker can fit seamlessly into any space.

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