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Dining tables are the focal point of the contemporary dining room. Around the dining table is where you can share meals and create amazing memories with family and friends. Anima Domus has a number of unique and elegant contemporary dining tables designed by world-renowned designers and produced by Italy’s top furniture manufacturers. Whether you need something fixed or transforming, Anima Domus has hundreds of options to fit your lifestyle. Explore the numerous modern and contemporary designs that will elevate your dining experience. Our dining tables come in numerous shapes, sizes and finishes that can align to your specific space needs.


  Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Designed by Giorgio Cattelan   Table with base and top available in wenge, Canaletto walnut, or white Carrara marble. Base options also include stainless steel, or gold or silver foil. Feet in polished stainless steel. Due to hand processing, each piece is unique.


Manufactured by Reflex | Design by Tulczinsky The Neolitico Dining Table adds an element of grace to your dining room. It is molded into a majestic design by a curved clear glass base. Sculpted from high-quality glass, this table provides an all-encompassing beauty. Explore the Neolitico family and discover available coffee table and console pieces.


Manufactured by Ozzio | Design by Studio Ozeta The convertible table adjusts with ease from a small coffee table to a large dining table. The ability to change height and length allows this table to be applicable to diverse situations. The folding leafs can be added incrementally to change the compact piece into an extensive unit. … Continue reading “Newood”


Manufactured by Tonelli | Design by Paolo Grasselli The Perseo Dining Table indulges contemporary glass design with a classical dining intention. The visual appeal of geometric layering frames the elegant piece. The extra-clear finish of the glass top is beautifully complemented by sturdy legs available in white matte lacquered or solid Canaletto walnut. Choose from multiple … Continue reading “Perseo”


Manufactured by Porada | Design by M. Marconato & T. Zappa   The Pilar table elevates contemporary design with its impeccable craftsmanship and bold style. With a base comprised of solid ash wood cylinders in a choice of up to three colors, the Pilar table conveys luxury and grace to the dining room. 


Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Designed by Paolo Cattelan   The Planer table gives you a full spectrum of options with the base available in titanium, graphite, or black embossed lacquered steel or brushed bronze. The top is available in a range of ceramic finishes, glass, and wood.


Manufactured by Porada | Design by C. Ballabio   A soft aesthetic and refined demeanor, the Quadrifolio is an alluring bistro table. This solid wood piece is available in walnut or ash with gorgeous metal ring.  


Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Design by Paolo Cattelan The asymmetrical shape yet balanced design of the Roger dining table transform your dining space. This prominent piece utilizes a rounded top, available in Canaletto walnut, burned oak, or tempered clear glass, and a base with white or graphite embossed lacquered steel, or transparent varnished metal. … Continue reading “Roger”


Manufactured by Reflex | Design by Reflex The Sassi Dining Table is pleasantly decorated with wooden and glass features. The large rectangular top is made from 15 mm thick transparent glass and rests upon an artistic display of handmade Murano glass pieces. Eight curved glass legs form a unique ensemble that can be enhanced with optional … Continue reading “Sassi”

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