Manufactured by i4Mariani | Design by Umberto Asnago   Artur is an extremely refined desk characterized by its contemporary asymmetric lines, gorgeous wooden body, and impeccable leather covering. Made with exemplary Italian craftsmanship, it is cleverly arranged and executed with minute details to make both a beautiful and functional piece.


Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Design by Andrea Lucatello The Batik desk provides practicality without compromising beauty. Crafted from a white or graphite embossed lacquered steel, the base of the desk features intersecting legs that form an elongated “X” on the correlating sides. Opt for a white or graphite embossed lacquered wood top. This piece … Continue reading “Batik”


Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Designed by Paolo Cattelan   A beautiful work desk for the contemporary home, the Cocoon features a stylish geometrical frame with sleek lines for its X-shaped legs and smooth curves on top. Amazing rounded edges add detail and elegance to the desk while its curving metal piece along the back adds functionality … Continue reading “Cocoon”

Cocoon Trousse

Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Designed by Paolo Cattelan   Cocoon Trousse is not just a dressing table but an elegant experience. Enjoy the large, LED lit mirror and plenty of shelf space for small items such as for jewelry, makeup, hair care products, and accessories. The Cocoon Trousse features a stylish geometrical frame with sleek lines … Continue reading “Cocoon Trousse”


Manufactured by Porada | Design by U. Asnago   The Flavio is an executive writing desk with divine Italian construction and design. This amazing desk is made of Canaletto walnut with the exterior covered by cuietto leather. With a beautiful visible stitching and fully equipped with inserts, push pull storage, drawers and more, no detail is left … Continue reading “Flavio”

Nasdaq Keramik

Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Designed by Paolo Cattelan   A bold and sumptuous desk, the Nasdaq Keramik is a striking option for your home office or office space. With plenty of desk space and a smooth opening drawer, this table is extremely functional. Nasdaq Keramik is available in Marmi Calacatta, Alabastro, Ardesia, matte Golden Calacatta, glossy … Continue reading “Nasdaq Keramik”


  Manufactured by Tonelli Design | Design by Isao Hosoe   The Penrose desk seems to rest on one point. Bonding the glass slabs – finely finished in the oblique cut of every edge – makes magic: the glass becomes lighter and bends on itself, remaining in perfect balance. Also available in a console version. … Continue reading “PENROSE”


  Manufactured by Cattelan Italia | Design by Andrea Lucatello   The Qwerty desk is a sleek option for any modern home office. It features a matte white or graphite painted frame with a profile in stainless steel. Enjoy the top in matte white or graphite with a soft leather pad to finish it off.  


  Manufactured by Porada | Design by C. Ballabio   The beautiful Saffo desk has an intuitive design that combines beauty with function. Available in solid walnut and birch plywood, and features a drawer, storage compartments and retractable cable. Desk pads in leather.    

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