The Casa Papelillos at El Paredon is a 13,000 sq ft home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This turnkey project was built and designed by the renowned Mexican architecture group: Elias Elias and completely furnished by Anima Domus.

Located on an oceanfront property with plenty of foliage, the project creatively and naturally incorporates organic elements into a contemporary and colorful aesthetic. The sleek and clean pieces contrast well with the warm Canaletto walnut that is seen throughout the house.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is an inviting and functional space that incorporates multiple areas in one. The easy-to-rotate Porada Mediacenter TV stand, sits between the People bed by Pianca, and the Tuliss armchair/sofa composition by Desiree. When the TV is facing the sofa, it creates a comfortable lounging area. The unit conveniently spins to face the bed, where one can then lie down to watch a movie in bed.

On the eastern wall, next to the bed, the walnut Ala desk by Pianca and white Vita chair by Cattelan, create a cozy office area. A place to set down a laptop and answer emails.

The master suite, like many environments in the house, has an integrated private terrace. The nature counteracts well with the wooden wall panels and neutral-toned pieces.

As an important accent to the room, the Giolo mirror by Porada functions as artwork. Its beautiful curvature is eye grabbing as it reflects the outside. On the other wall, the gorgeous yellow

"We play with unexpected details, we like to have fun with our projects and our clients like to have fun features; having a story to tell behind a design. We like to emphasize the FUN in the word function when we say that in our projects form follows Function."

Alexis Elias , Architect & Designer at Elias Elias

Living and Dining

In the El Paredon project, the fun, colorful living and dining area flow beautifully into one another. This space is particularly special, as the glass doors open into the walls in a way that the room becomes fully integrated with the outdoor patio. The Lacoon Island by Desiree, a swiveling multiple-person armchair, plays an important role in the balance of this room. Depending on where it is facing, it allows the individual to participate either in the living room, or look out onto the gorgeous Puerto Vallarta backdrop.

The Terrance sofa by Jesse is an incredibly eye catching piece in the living room because of how the white cushions and walnut frame interacts with the bright yellow wall. To add the organic touch, the Pebble coffee table by Bonaldo reminds us of the gorgeous stones and features that surround the property.


Other bedrooms

The second suite focuses around the MyLove queen-sized bed by Jesse. The backboard of this bed is made of a cream-colored fabric and behind it, a walnut frame. It has matching Plan nightstands and full-body Strip mirrors, also by Jesse. The mirrors are strategically placed to reflect the gorgeous trees from the balcony on its opposite side. In the front of the bed, a purple Chica High armchair by Gyform allows for a relaxing reading area.


Bedroom number three also incorporates the Chica High armchair but has a completely different bed composition. This bedroom has two twin-sized Pisolo beds by Pianca. Surrounding each bed are three small Point bedside tables by Presotto and long backboard that stretches from wall to wall.

The guest bedroom disguises as an entertainment room with the use of Swing convertible solution by CLEI. By day, the serene, light blue sofa on the Swing and the white Focus armchairs by Ditre set dress the room for a welcoming place to relax and entertain. The tables that supplement these systems are the Abaco coffee table by Pianca and the Peyote side table from Cattelan. To open the Swing system, you can simply unlock the mechanism and pull it down without having to remove anything from the shelves that surround it.

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