The 900 Project is a residence in one of Downtown Miami’s prominent skyscrapers for a young professional who receives frequent visits from his relatives from South America. The client wanted a space that would feel contemporary and elegant, all the while, cozy and welcoming for his visiting family.

Accented with the iconic Lou Read by Phillipe Stark and the Vu mirror by Giovanni T. Garattoni, the apartment has a striking and bold entrance! The dark walls spotlight the pieces very well and give the foyer a dramatic touch.

The open floor-plan and naturally lit rooms allow the spaces to interact with each other quite nicely and amplifies the whole living area. There is a unifying element in each contrasting piece of this open space. The walnut legs of the Porada Infinity dining table tie into the paneling that is seen throughout the living room and kitchen. The glass table top and the large floor-to-ceiling windows accentuate the gorgeous Miami background and bring a sense of levity to the space. The reflective luminaire picks up the beauty that surrounds it and paints a panoramic view of both the interior and the exterior of the unit.


Each bedroom in the home incorporates different elements that give the apartment a comfortable look; embracing contemporary design without being cold. The large modular Vintage bed in the master bedroom with plush cushions overlooking the water is the perfect example of contemporary and cozy. The Flos IC pendant in steals the spotlight in one of the guest bedrooms. It frames the bed gorgeously, and does not take away space from the nightstand.

For a more intelligent use of the rooms in the home, Karde Designs converted the tiny room by the foyer into a third guest bed with the Tango space saving solution by CLEI. By removing the back cushions of the Tango and pulling on the lightweight shelf, the unit converts into a Queen sized bed. The Tango is similar to CLEI’s infamous Swing system, but has a more advance mechanism. With the Tango, the client is able to have an extra lounge area by the entrance that converts into a fourth bedroom.

The home was designed by the Miami-based interior design firm: Karde Designs and fully furnished by Anima Domus.


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