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Born in the heart of the mid-century movement, you would perhaps be forgiven for not knowing that this iconic brand started as a production manufacturer of simple chairs. Over the decades, Porada has defined a market segment and redefined its purpose along the way to become the powerhouse it is today. From innovation stemming from perfect material selection, to the way artistic occasional furniture is produced today – 100% by artisans for adoption into your contemporary space.

So much of what we know about this brand starts with the core philosophies of the brand. That nature has perfected wood over millions of years, and Porada aims to do that process justice by fashioning a beautiful, functional and coveted piece of furniture from that wood. It was established officially in 1968, with roots going back to 1948, when, as noted previously, it was a producer of simple chairs.

Not much has changed about the handcrafted philosophy, except, to call a Porada masterpiece a “simple chair” would be nearly unforgivable. There is no mistaking the clean contemporary lines of the current Porada portfolio, but there is clearly an influence from a time where organic shapes of nature were more prevalent on the market. The unique driving forces behind the designers and the company culture help to define Porada as a soulful, natural option among a market full of sanitary, largely uninspiring contemporary options.

ella p2The warmth and depth of character in Porada’s individual pieces shows that each of its heirloom quality options could stand independently as a “Magnum Opus” for the designer, and any lesser manufacturer. Perhaps the idea of calling the company a “manufacturer” is a bit simplistic. Manufacture they do, but it may be better described as curating art, crafted by the hands of masters of their trade.

Porada is a longstanding fixture in the surroundings of one of the most metropolitan cities in the world – Milan. In their central Milan showroom, it’s all business, with straightforward furniture design placed in a clean space to showcase functionality and beauty. With the backdrop of the famous Duomo di Milano, and the Bosco Verticale, Milan showcases centuries of design evolution in a single skyline.

But in their commercial production space about ten miles north of the design and fashion capital of the world, it’s slightly different. Here, the whimsy and artistry of some of the world’s best designers, meet with uncompromising material selection and world class craftsmanship, to produce true works of art in the form of furniture.

To own a Porada, is to understand the juxtaposition of the impossibly clean architecture that defines their company style, upon the beauty that nature creates as a canvas for that architecture.

We want to introduce you to some world class furniture from a maker that defines their space and continually impresses season after season with fresh, contemporary winners with a certain soulfulness that cannot be built in days or months, but which takes decades to nurture.

totuga1Welcome to the world of Porada.

As you view the products showcased here, you will notice something spectacular. The build quality is second only to an unbelievably satisfying level of attention to detail. When you view each piece in the Porada portfolio, you will understand that this was someone’s work of art. The absolute attention paid to every single surface, curve, and corner is impeccable. It’s hard to match elsewhere in the industry at any price point. Porada, one might say, has cornered the market in subtle detailing.

One further point. It should be noted that the customization options for most items in the Porada portfolio are extensive. You can let your imagination run wild with the amount of material, texture and color options that are available. They are a leader in the furniture market that caters to both commercial production and bespoke lines.


Argo-2Argo Sofa

The efficiency of angles, with the elegance of finely finished, slightly rounded edges that appear to lose their sharpness the closer you are to it. What is created as a result, is a flat and linear contemporary modular sofa that can only be described as elegant and spacious and handsome. And yet, it doesn’t feel oversized or overwrought. It is clean and minimalist, but still supplies supreme comfort and invites you to relax with fixed but forgiving cushion lines.

It’s hard to imagine a piece that defines the idea of a city like Milan, better than the Argo, it is clean and efficient – stylish and strong, but it also has an effervescence about it that says: “come, sit for a while and get to know us”. The low lines of the frame help it appear to float above the floor, which can create dramatic and purposeful design within any space large enough to fit the sofa.


Ara armchair PoradaAra Chair

As one appreciates the beauty of a blank canvas ready to accept art, so can one appreciate the fluidity and stature of the Ara chair by Porada. It is bold and deliberate; with lines that tell a story about opposing angles and which incorporate some of the most beautiful materials humans have ever conceived.

True artistry is about what can stand on its own after all the editing. What defines the aura of something; the truest central concept of what something is. That is the feeling of the Ara chair. It is so defined and purposeful, that it strikes at the heart of what Italian minimalist ideology can be. Like the way a freshly starched collar folds perfectly to create a line along the lapel of a finely fitted suit jacket, so the lines of the arms fold down to create symmetrical beauty in the Ara.


astolAstol Bench

Utilitarian at its core, the Astol cannot be pigeon-holed into being something mainstream just because of its simplistic lines. It is a standalone, iconic bench that highlights the very best features of a minimalist bench but does so with an emphasis on the combination of interesting and contrasting materials. Porada’s wide customization options are a perfect fit with a piece like the Astol, because it can work in any space thanks to the lack of frivolity and the interesting combination of fabric, wood and metal.

The cushioned bench seating surface is comfortable but offers a slim look and mixes well in just about any contemporary or modern space. Because of the customization options, this piece could also work in an industrial design motif or as part of a traditional set, where metal might be highlighted as well.


elika1Elika Tables

The Elika tables are stunning, one version features a deeply finished helical canaletta walnut base (two on the larger rectangular table) upon which sits a massive sheet of tempered glass so you can admire the base while maintaining a certain style for a given room. Made with laminated strips of top-quality hardwoods (an ash version is also available), this table twists upwards to create a dramatic showing from the floor to the tabletop and accomplishes it’s task by turning heads and starting conversations.

There are 3 main components to the Elika tables, and with customization options, your contemporary dining room can easily be assembled using this striking table as the centerpiece. There is a flat disc shaped base; a helical base that comes up out of it and the majestic glass top that proves Porada’s trust in their workmanship. Every detail is on display for you to view while you eat off of a perfectly smooth glass tabletop.  


Giove 1Giove Mirror

How Porada manages to make everything they design turn to décor gold is beyond most observers. But they have done it again with the Giove Mirror. It hearkens back to the company’s roots as a producer of fine wood furniture with simple, elegant designs. In this case it is a gorgeous round mirror with a large surface area, encased in a sublime, robustly built canaletta walnut edge detail. The thickness of this edging amplifies the majesty of this larger than life piece.

The versatility of this mirror is astounding. It simultaneously allows the owner to make small rooms look like large rooms, and to make large rooms look palatial. The scale and scope of the mirror, especially when you consider the beneficial addition of the two accessory feet that come with it, prove that grandeur need not be confined to square footage and floor plan, but can be enhanced through creative use of world class décor.   


Walnut Porada Infinity coffee table by Stefano BigiInfinity Coffee Table

A truly organic experience, this contemporary powerhouse piece offers the smooth intersecting curves of shaped canaletta walnut fashioned to replicate an artistic variant of the well-known symbol for infinity. The special nature of this coffee table means you won’t find anything like it anywhere. It’s too hard to replicate and the attention to detail is next level.

Gorgeous stainless steel, finished with a concentric pattern from center-out, affixes the glass tabletop to the artfully shaped base of wood which sits atop a chrome mirror finished ring that holds the table in place on any flooring surface.

Again, Porada manages to wow viewers with simplicity, deference to the natural materials in the design and completely original design. Perfectly finished edges and the ability to see everything at a glance means this is a trophy to be shown off in any contemporary room.

There are multiple options, including a multi-base rectangular, large dining table and wooden tops, which make this table perfect for customization. If you dare, the dark black tempered glass top with other dark colored bases could be the perfect way to mix up a room.


Kirk 4Kirk Sofa

The Kirk sofa is modular, sleek and expansive. It is also a dream to relax on. Long afternoons can be willed away on the top-quality fabrics which encase comfortable cushions that are low to the ground and feature deep seating surface dimensions.

It is long, and lean; ultra-contemporary and grand. It has presence and spreads its opulent real estate over a massive, bespoke footprint. Bespoke, because it is able to be customized in hundreds of combinations thanks to the modularity, the fabric and wood options and the detailing like the rolled seams and the gorgeous cushions.

One look at this impressive sofa will convince you of the soul of Porada. The quality, tangibility and smart design of the sofa is a testament to the value of hand crafted furniture.


joint1Joint Tables

Another showcase piece of furniture from Porada, the proof of the popularity for the brand is evident in the way this table comes together. The triangular design is the base that combines with striking material choices to deliver on expectations for beauty, utility and presence. You cannot find this type of attention to detail in lesser quality furniture – it takes a leader like Porada to produce furniture consistently at this level.

The perfectly shaped and blended wood joinery and the hand rubbed finishes are just a couple of the details. The finely brushed brass and uniformity of the beveled glass edges show the level of detail and help you to understand the seriousness of this table, and the brand philosophy.  

This geometrically inspired table tames a cacophony of shapes to present a table worthy of being displayed in the finest homes in the world.


Regent 1Regent 2 Nightstand

Gorgeously finished, this table is a fine example of how leather and wood can come together into functional day to day furniture without sacrificing any of the beauty or finish quality of some of the finest materials available. Because it is also a Porada piece, it can be made from only wood, to take advantage of the sharp lines and well-designed leg architecture. So many options for customization exist.

Porada has made a truly functional table with a lower level storage area as well, that will put all the items you need next to your bed or chair with a buttoned up, seamlessly finished drawer and an open lower shelf that can store books or other items. Form and function come together in this piece that can be used in dozens of scenarios to further enhance your day-to-day living with a fine piece of furniture that you’ve come to expect from Porada.


SAFFO-990Saffo Desk

Shades of mid-century design bring organic, lean concepts into the contemporary home without being out of date. The clean lines and smart use of organic materials makes this desk an icon of whimsy where writing or work can be done with homage to the old-world craftsmanship, with new, advanced ways of utilizing space, adding functionality.

The Saffo desk is perfectly aligned with the contemporary space, with smart architecture and zero excess. It is made to be spartan on purpose, because it is a piece of functional furniture. That said, Porada knows it is not acceptable to simply build for function. Form and beauty must also factor into the equation. The Saffo can be customized in several different colors utilizing a smart, current compositing process that showcases the hardwood, and ensures the piece is made to the highest level of craftsmanship.

The interplay between opposing wood-grains from different pieces of the desk, make it an intricate and purposeful piece of art that can help you to be functioning at the highest level.


Vera1Vera Chair

The Porada Vera Chair seems capable of being positioned as the perfect combination of materials and textures; finishes and architecture. It evokes feelings of complete harmony and utilizes a timeless design palette to ensure that you can put it anywhere and get that same sense of wonderment and awe that only some of the finest pieces of furniture on the planet can present.

Leather and wood alone would be classic. Fabric and leather together would be inviting and forgiving. The strong handmade frame supports your body comfortably through design, but the soft cushions make this just about the perfect occasional chair. Combine all of these things and you have an unforgettable chair.

It may be a disservice to call such a beautiful, comfortable chair an occasional chair, because you will find more occasions to use it than any other chair you own.

The Vera is certainly an example of why Porada is so well respected – the way it comes together and the way it feels when you use it are so well aligned with the way you envision a perfect chair will look and feel.

When you then realize how difficult it is to make so many different colors and textures and finishes work together and still be functional, it becomes an object of desire.


Porada infinity table

Porada is a world class producer of fine handmade furniture. It is as simple as that. What is not so simple, is that it has taken decades to get to the point of restraint and composure such that Porada exerts in its seasonal product portfolio. The way the company exercises control over the pieces they produce and how they put them onto the market proves their capabilities, and their taste. Every piece of furniture from Porada is immaculate. It is finished to a standard that few other makers can match, including bespoke producers.

When you shop for and buy a piece of Porada, you achieve an understanding of the value they bring to the table and the timeless design heritage they have running through their veins.

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