Did you know the average person spends about 60 hours in their bed per week? That means over the course of a year you will spend about 120 days in your bed! This is one of the many reasons you should purchase a mattress and bed frame that is comfortable, stylish and will stand the test of time. As you are doing your research you have probably seen options that require you to purchase a mattress, bed frame, and box spring. Many people have recently decided to opt-out of the traditional bed that requires a box spring and have chosen to purchase a modern platform bed.


What are Contemporary Platform Beds?

Contemporary platform beds are bed frames that provide support for all kinds of mattresses without the use of an uncomfortable box spring. Platform beds tend to be closer to the ground than traditional bed frames because you are removing the box spring from the equation. Although if bed height is an issue, there are platform beds options that are high off of the ground similar to a traditional bed. 

There are three kinds of platform beds: flat, profiled, and slatted. Modern bed platforms can be made with a wide variety of materials including wood, leather, fabric and metal. They can be upholstered in leather or fabric and even have acrylic legs, for a floating aesthetic. Platform beds do not have one “basic” design. Rather, they come in a variety of sleek styles to fit the aesthetic of your home and your personal style.

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Benefits of Platform Beds 

Traditional beds are becoming a thing of the past. There are many reasons why people are switching to a modern style bed frame. Read below for the top six benefits of the contemporary platform bed if you need help deciding what type of bed frame will work best for you! 



“I don’t like to save money,” said no one ever. The great thing about platform bed frames is that they don’t require you to purchase a box spring. Without the additional item, you can utilize your budget more effectively towards a nicer bed frame or mattress. At Anima Domus our Italian contemporary platform beds are competitively priced for the platform bed market. You can view our selection here.


Traditional bed frames don’t normally work with just any mattress and require that you purchase a box spring that often times lends to a bad night’s rest. Platform beds are versatile and can be used with many types of mattresses; from a latex bed to a classic spring design, or luxurious memory foam bed. Rest easy knowing you can select any mattress you want to pair with your modern platform bed frame.


When you consider how much of your time is spent in your bed and how important sleep is for your health, your main concern when choosing a mattress and bed frame should be comfort! Not only are box springs uncomfortable because of the springs but they can also cause people to overheat in their sleep. A platform bed will help reduce heat retention because the slats promote airflow. Even platform beds without slats often have holes in them to increase ventilation and keep air moving. This air circulation will help you remain cool and sleep better at night!

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If you are a minimalist or have a small living space, you might opt out of a traditional dresser in your bedroom. Many platform bed options come with extra storage capacity or storage drawers built under the mattress platform. At Anima Domus our storage beds do not tend to have drawers, rather they embody the contemporary design and conceal the storage in a more inconspicuous way. We curate top-of-the-line Italian contemporary platform beds that are designed with a unique mechanism using hidden pistons that allows you to easily lift up the mattress and get what you want from inside. Click here to view one of our many platform beds that has space under the mattress to store pillows, blankets, out of season clothes and more.


Traditional bed frames are often heavy and hard to set up. If you are moving to a new home, or even if you just want to move your bed from one room to another, it can be difficult. Platform beds are easy to install and tend to be lighter weight than an old school bed frame. You also won’t have to worry about moving a box spring in addition to your mattress and bed frame if you decide to switch to a platform bed.



Yes, it is great to having a cozy bed to relax in when you get home from a long day’s work, but wouldn’t it also be great to have a stylish bed frame that you love? Don’t sacrifice style for comfort because you can have both. Say goodbye to bed skirts and boring bed frames because there is no such thing as a dull design with platform beds. Platform beds provide a clean, modern look that pairs well with a contemporary home design. Most of our beds at Anima Domus are slatted. We offer platform bed frames that are curved, frames that “float,” frames with a prominent headboard and frames that offer a sleek design. The design elements are limitless! 

There are so many benefits of purchasing a modern platform bed. They are great in small spaces, such as urban lofts or apartments. They work perfectly in open floor plans because of their clean aesthetic and feel that don’t add visual clutter. They are cost friendly and provide maximum comfort! We could go on and on. What other reason do you need to checkout our wide variety of stylish modern platform beds? Click here to view all of our contemporary platform beds to find one to fit your style today! 


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