The History of Pianca

To hear the origin story of Pianca, you become at once, enveloped in tradition and individuality, as well as becoming cognizant of the contemporary impact this company with such a rich, long history has in the furniture industry.

They say there are 14 generations of master craftsmen in the Pianca heritage. Woodworking artisans so connected to the wood and harmonious with the process, that it is rumored they can tell intricate details of the wood through their senses. The company’s roots are deep and broad. The world knows Pianca, from Latin America to Western Europe.

The catalog of furniture and décor that Pianca produces has a breadth and diversity that few makers in the space can match. Beyond the diversity in catalog items, the quality and execution on the pieces makes it a highly desirable and easy to love brand, well beyond its HQ in Italy. The company is more than just furniture and function. The human element and the way Pianca flows throughout the lives and spaces it interacts with makes it one of the most beloved and harmonious brands in the world.

The Pianca Approach


The holistic approach taken by the designers and leaders at this prestigious company redefines what it means to be a furniture producer in a world where resources and quality are so highly regarded. It allows a company with heart and soul that most brands yearn for, to design modular and functional furniture that delivers on more than just aesthetics.

Pianca has been an innovator. Offering improvements and technological breakthroughs to the industry that have improved access to top quality furniture and improved supply lines, ecological factors and quality baselines for themselves and competitors. They are known as a world class artisan-built furniture company, but they are equally, an innovative, eco-conscious brand.

The company is actively looking for new ways to improve their footprint and impact on the world, as one of the most forward thinking “green” companies in the sector. They are strong supporters of the idea that organic transformation of space can come through understanding that design need not be boxed in. That you can create anywhere; and that ‘Everywhere is home’.

It’s why you can see such a fresh take each season from the catalog – Pianca is about change and flow and flexibility and yet, their timeless characteristics cannot be ignored. Timelessness is what has made them one of the most recognized names in the industry – willingness to change and adapt is what makes them so lusted after as a consumer brand.

A truly brilliant juxtaposition of the rational and the emotional, Pianca redefines the industry standards every time they release a new collection. That Italian heritage mixed with a constant striving to set the trend gives an old world feel and a contemporary freshness to a furniture mix that is incredibly robust. 

Below you will find select pieces from the most recent collections by Pianca. Within these pieces it’s hard not to recognize the artistry of a perfectly woven together tapestry that tells a strong story about who the company is, and helps you to define what you are, where it matters – in your home.

As a leader in the industry, Pianca also champions choice, nuance and customization highly. Nearly every piece in their collection has numerous customization options to make it your own. Even if not explicitly stated in this overview, it is likely that the piece you desire allows for your personal touch in a number of different ways, from materials, to finishes to specialty treatments and beyond.

Pianca wants you to be part of the story and they have built an entire ecosystem around helping customers get the perfect piece for them, without compromise.

10 Pianca Manufactured Pieces   

Pianca Abaco Coffee Table

One is stunning, two can be transformational. Regardless of how you stage the Abaco coffee tables by Pianca, you cannot help but admire their bold and beautiful styling and the strategic nature of their design that espouses cohesion and architectural integrity, but still has a bit of whimsy.

A modular table that relies on the classic three-legged design utilizing a slim profile and a flawless flat top which can lift, with multiple edge detail options. A large circumference helps to project a floating look from many angles and the stout cross supports emphasize the thin, delicate leg architecture, but provide stiffness and robust strength without damaging the aesthetics.

The sweeping round edges offer a very complementary look for so many rooms, and this gorgeous coffee table can fit into any contemporary motif and reaches far beyond a single stylistic fitment as a piece of functional décor.  

Pianca Spazio Wall System

Spazio impresses with a flat and functional prowess that needs only a tiny footprint to create dramatic impact and offer huge functionality. Few mainstream offerings in the wall system segment offer the same clean, crisp aesthetic of Spazio, but more than that, the quality of construction and unbelievable utility easily position this unit ahead of alternatives for contemporary spaces.

Modular, expandable and structurally impressive, this is a unit of furniture that bridges beyond the concept of simple storage or wall systems. Spazio is an artful, impressive system that proves strong lines can still be mated to eclectic mixes of other décor and not detract from the soul of a space.

Boston Seating by Pianca

Customizable features can help you turn this imminently contemporary sofa into something unique to your space. Boston is a piece that simultaneously offers a fresh look, but also positions itself as a warm, inviting old friend. The big, deep seating surface delivers sumptuous comfort and the option for accessorizing with lumbar and throw pillows, while the angled back is so pleasing to look at, giving a structure and permanence to a room.

Strong, but slim structures underlie this beautifully upholstered seating piece that can dramatically impact a room with the suspended look and the strong linear thematic. Particularly impressive in large rooms with tall ceilings, the footprint allows you to soak up space, without feeling crowded in the room.

Volo Seating by Pianca

Svelte and clean, modular, and comfortable, the Volo is a beautiful, geometrically inspired seating collection that offers an unbelievable array of options to make it custom tailored to your space.

The gorgeous finishes and beautiful lines of the Volo collection starts with its base of chrome corner-tied compounded-edge feet that support a strong wooden structure. Atop this frame, the world class fabrics and leathers offer homeowners and designers a plethora of finishes that will work anywhere and inspire creativity and individuality.

Ultimately, the floating structure design maximizes the use of light and footprint to improve overall aesthetics of the space and position the user in comfort while offering ease of standing up too.

Fushimi Bed by Pianca

A showstopping bed that has no equal for its aesthetics. If you are taken with the slim, strong organic shapes of contemporary furniture with midcentury or modern influences, this is a perfect piece. If you favor minimalism, but still need comfort and contrast too, the Fushimi is a gorgeous option. The subtlety of the angular architecture and use of interior and exterior rounds and smart joinery means you lose nothing from the looks or the quality of construction.

A dynamic mix of a padded, sophisticated platform atop a rigid, impressively finished solid walnut or ash wood frame. The lines of the Fushimi prove the appeal of the underlying minimalist motif, without sacrificing contemporary strength of design.

Rialto Bed Pianca

Structured, but so inviting, the Rialto offers a smooth, cohesive look that emphasizes the form and function of your mattress, so that you get impressive good looks that don’t overtake the other design themes in your most important space – where you sleep.

Design cohesion and the comfort of world class textiles and build quality means you don’t sacrifice anything to get both amazing looks, and unbelievable function. A melding of this form and function brings you a modular, customizable platform with a soft presence, but also the permanence of a full, to-the-floor footprint.

Pianca Filo Bed

An ultra-contemporary bedroom piece, it will be hard to find a competitor that can deliver this style and quality so seamlessly. Pianca has pushed the limits on what is possible with the floating bed design that is more functional than most are used to seeing. The platform and backboard are monolithic and can be customized to extend the backboard beyond the width of the platform to add side tables as part of the bed. The super-clear methacrylate base feet are hard to see but offer strength and support.

This bed is gorgeous and highlights the very best of ultra-contemporary styling and will help you to create a minimalist, but super-functional place to rest.

Pianca Dedalo Tables

Dedalo nightstands offer premium finishes on hand fit, round structures to improve the harmony of a room where the ultimate in harmony is always sought. The presence of the round outside structure makes this a collection that can fit in anywhere. But the deliberate circular design is so polished and provides a look that is rare and spectacular.

A bold take on the ultra-modern space, this collection of round edged nightstands, tables and dressers pairs slick finishes with gorgeous monolithic looks and subtle mysteriousness, like hidden reveals and gorgeously finished lips or tabletop inserts. The customization options with the Dedalo collection gives you so many choices to customize your perfect aesthetic and functionality, while embracing a design that isn’t typically available in mainstream pieces.  

Tosca Nightstand by Pianca

Pianca has a history of overdelivering on aesthetics while still being able to appeal to just about every customer. The Tosca is a powerful reminder that angularity and bold design can still work in the most contemporary spaces, especially when paired with world class materials and finishes. The fascia of the nightstand boldly protrudes beyond the rectangular drawer structure to flare out an edge at 45 degrees.

This pronounced drawer focus makes it not only functional but beautiful. Tosca is bold, beautiful, simple, but still allows you to customize to your individual tastes. No matter the combination of metals, woods and finishes, you can rest assured the look is strong, reassuring and solid.

Atlante Nightstand by Pianca

When you see the Atlante, you think you’ve seen it before, but you cannot quite place it. Because the presence is so obvious, the functionality so optimized and the simple outline so serious. But no other collection brings this aesthetic together like Pianca. The ultra-simplistic design is much more complex than it looks at first glance. But Pianca makes it look easy.

World-beating design is never easy and the Pianca Atlante has it perfect. Beautiful and subtle reveals, impeccable finishes and unmatched quality of build means this is a timeless piece that will always have a place in a contemporary setting.

The Pianca catalog is broad and inclusive. That’s impressive considering how each piece can stand alone from a design and functionality perspective. The envelope has been pushed and Pianca stands ready to showcase their spectacular offerings of artisan made, customizable furniture and décor that improves lives, solidifies design motifs and defines incredible spaces all over the world.

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