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Steeped in Italian tradition and made to the highest standard since their debut in 1926 Tonon Italia’s famous chairs have been a mainstay in spaces seeking the ultimate in comfort and style.


Today, the brand espouses the same simple, yet breathtaking design with form meeting function at the very edge of each philosophy’s breaking point to ensure you get a piece worthy of generational legacy as well as jaw dropping good looks.


The lines and the heritage are uniquely Italian and still, the company manages to create a timeless, borderless design catalog that could be at home in any cosmopolitan city dwelling, or country home as needed. Tonon’s materials are sublime – if it is impressive but approachable seating you desire, Tonon curates a must see portfolio season after season.


So many iconic chairs exist in this catalog and so many are targets to be lusted after and enjoyed in use by owners around the world.

Concept Bar

Almost as big a part of the heritage of the Tonon name as the early designs, the unique, injected foam shell architecture is highly coveted. 


Combined with the soft, flexible, but still sturdy seating material, comes a long, cool metallic base that is finished in stunning matte hard chrome for many years of pristine looks and unrivaled comfort at your favorite bar edge.


The Concept Bar Stool is more of a body cradle than a bar stool, and long memorable evenings can be spent without discomfort sidled up against the bar or hightop.





Delicate to the eye, but flexible and resilient on the body, the Fl@t chair is a timeless ode to simplicity and functional prowess.

The smooth, flexible seating surface is strong; it cradles the body for a comfortable experience, while still giving ultra contemporary lines, and carrying cues from style eras that came before it. It is at once, timeless, and cutting edge – a chair worthy of discussion in any setting. The slim, sturdy legs and minimalist arch offer stunning mechanical advantages and present a strong architectural component to such a comfortable chair.




As perfect as the exterior materials look, such is the comfort and effortlessness of this beautiful contemporary gem.

The sleek, unwrinkled seating surface is padded heavily, but doesn’t suffer by being too thick – it offers a calm sense of stability while providing adequate comfort for long dining experiences with good company. Art meets architecture here, in a svelte, self-assured dining room chair.


River Stone



Soft edges on a statuesque form, the River Stone Pouf is a gorgeous reminder that harmony is found between the presence of the rock and the water that shaped it.

The design is meticulous and purposeful, but as you view the seat, it is simple, comfortable and without regrets. It is an inviting piece of art as furniture that showcases the flowing water’s essence.



Riverside embodies the changing shape of flowing water, with the rippled finish, but also offers the calm comfort of the deep water in it’s amorphous design and shape which allows you to lounge comfortably and wile away the time enveloped in comfort and harmony the likes of which few natural elements can better portray than water.

An easy to maintain material set and a beautiful, stunningly ambient and cohesive design that can work anywhere, combine to create a very inviting space.


Up Barstool



Ultra contemporary for those spaces that need statement pieces for standalone bars, the Up Barstool is unabashedly forward in its design and offers a comfortable foot rest and supreme adjustability, including a glass-smooth 360 degree swivel capability. When you look this good, you ought to be able to show off all sides, right? Available in a variety of finish and color options to make it yours, and still retain that striking attitude that defines its presence.


Up Lounge



Borderline futuristic, this is a comfortable reminder that a piece need not rigidly retain a design philosophy in order to star in a space of that same philosophy.

The gorgeous hand finished wood and stark, deeply thought out materials used to finish this comfortable, low slung chair make it a timeless masterpiece for any relaxing space. The simplicity of the rounded design and the ample seating comfort and curvature make this a perfect place to enjoy an evening – or many. The slightly ambiguous design and the playful curves make this a standout in any space regardless of the backdrop.


Up Side Table


A gorgeous piece to pair with any relaxing chair in the portfolio, the beguiling design of the Up Side Table plays upon the juxtaposition of curves and flats, where depending on the angle you view the table, it is either predominantly made up of flats or of curves. A perfect home for a drink, or a good book, this is a design that gives depth through strategic use of shapes that ordinarily don’t occur at this level of extreme in a side table. The exaggerated thinness of the base and tabletop are matched by the ambition of the single piece of curved wood that shapes the stem and ultimately the top of the table. Such drastic combinations of shapes make for a warm, contemporary, but still edgy table that can also fit in anywhere.

Up Wood



The famous foam seating of Tonon is displayed in its most useful way when paired with wood and that transition from flexible to stiff is playfully drawn out through the aggressive twists of the wood arm architecture, and the solid, but conforming body of the chair as your mind plays tricks on you. The Up Wood Dining Chair is the type of chair that begs to be touched. As you view it, you can almost envision yourself running your fingers along the back of the chair to feel the transition from temperate, resilient foam, to cool, rigid wood. The depth of the finishes enhances this desire and you can most certainly feel that timeless blending of two interesting, innovative materials that seamlessly combine to create one of the more iconic chairs on the market.


The entire line of Tonon chairs is built to a standard that is unmatched in the space. The availability to customization, and the simple design philosophy that mimics harmonious pairings and synchronistic ideologies makes a Tonon the piece that can pass from generation to generation, timelessly and seamlessly to provide you and others with comfort, artful design and a smart investment. This is a legacy quality chair portfolio that begs to be lived in.


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