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news|Everything You Need To know Before Buying Leather Furniture

Everything You Need To know Before Buying Leather Furniture


Luxurious leather upholstery has been used throughout the ages to make clothing, fashion accessories, car interiors, and furniture. Leather provides a timeless look that never goes out of style. Therefore, contemporary leather furniture remains a popular choice for people looking to furnish their homes. The numerous qualities that leather has, makes it an extremely sought-after finish for MODERN FURNITURE such as WALLBEDS, sofas, armchairs and dining chairs.


Benefits of Leather Furniture

Furniture is available in a wide variety of natural or synthetic finishes. Even with all of the options consumers have, leather remains one of the most popular upholstery choices for furniture. Leather is often the right match for your home because it has benefits that not many other coverings have. A few of our favorite benefits of modern leather furniture include:


Italian leather is known for its durability and for holding its amazing quality. Its strong, durable, and flexible nature makes it resistant to punctures and tears. There are many different qualities and types of leather to choose from. At Anima Domus, we source furniture made with only fine Italian leathers from Italy’s top tanneries. Quality leather furniture tends to improve with age and can last a lifetime.



Hearing that leather is strong and firm makes it sound like you’ll be sitting on a piece of wood, but leather is actually very comfortable. When you first purchase a modern leather sofa the leather may be a bit firm, but with time and use, it becomes softer and provides maximum lounging comfort –while keeping its shape and strength.


Since leather is not a textile, it doesn’t gather dust mites, pet dander, mold and allergens in its pores. While you may want to wipe and clean the leather with appropriate leather products for aesthetic purposes and durability, you don’t have to stress about it accumulating unwanted irritants for your health. For this reason, leather furniture is considered hypoallergenic, making it perfect for people with allergies.

Pet Friendly

The great thing about leather is how pet friendly it is. Small scratches caused by cats or dogs can often be obscured with leather polish and pet fur is easy to wipe off as it doesn’t cling to the sofa, simply brush it off. Dirty paws can also be wiped and cleaned rather easily.


There are two sides to this, and both are beneficial aspects of owning leather furniture! Have you ever heard someone talk about their new car and say something like, “I love it, it has that new leather smell.” Most people love the scent of leather and we firmly agree! The other side to the “smell” benefit is that leather doesn’t absorb odors. This allows you to control the scent of your space.


Contemporary leather furniture offers an appealing aesthetic to any room. Depending on the elements you choose, you can add depth of texture and unique combinations, as leather pairs beautifully with other finishes or other design elements in the room. Don’t be scared to pair a modern leather sofa with fabric armchairs or vice-versa! Leather is a unique covering that blends well in almost any space. History has proven that leather is timeless and will continue to be in style for many years to come!


Leather Furniture Options

Contemporary leather upholstered furniture continues to grow in popularity because of the limitless designs, colors and unique shapes. Below are just a few examples of leather furniture options that are available for your home.

Modern Leather Bed

Say goodbye to simple bed frames with no personality. At Anima Domus we offer a variety of modern leather bed frames.


The SAYONARA leather bed has a prominent headboard and linear handcrafted tufting that provides a royal and inviting demeanor. This padded leather bed is a bold and eye-catching option for any bedroom design. Available in an extensive range of colors and textures, the Sayonara is pictured as a white leather bed but can be configured to match your taste and decor.


The TULIP is another one of our leather beds that has a curved headboard upholstered in premium Italian leather. It has a timeless and beautiful design with low profile and handcrafted piping.


The CUFF modern leather bed frame has a leather padded headboard that renders diverse details. It is secured with distinct frog fastenings and is supported by painted metal feet that are offered in white, anthracite grey, dove-grey, amaranth, black or silver. Optional storage slat also available for additional storage space.


The NELSON BED portrays chic and fresh elements of wood and leather. The choice of a walnut or burned oak wood frame complements the soft leather headboard. This bed features a low composure and almost hidden feet to complete the contemporary look of any bedroom.


The FILO modern leather bed design appears to be suspended in mid-air but is secured to the floor thanks to a non-visible meth-acrylate basement. The headboard can have the same width as the bed frame and the mattress, or it can be protruding, creating a bedside table.

Modern Leather Sofas

At Anima Domus we offer contemporary leather sofas in a variety of elegant colors to match the unique interior of your living room. In order to create the perfect aesthetic for your individual needs, our staff can help with space planning and finish selections!


The SUNSET SOFA is versatile, stylish and features a smooth hidden mechanism that allows you to adjust the backrest to fit the demands of a modern lifestyle. Comfortable for “small-talk”, or for leaning and lounging into the night, the Sunset is a nice blend of form and function. It is a stylish contemporary sofa that sits on sleek and linear metal legs. The detailed stitching on the seat and backrest pulls from fashion trends and give this sofa a bold and elegant demeanor.


The BOND is a contemporary sofa that offers harmony and elegance through clean lines and sophisticated stitching. The design gives careful attention to comfort making it perfect for hosting guests or watching a movie. Available as a modern white leather couch, you can experience it in a variety of different configurations, seat widths, colors and leathers to fit the specific needs of any home.

Leather Dining Room Chairs

Dining chairs can be made out of many different woods and fabrics. Leather dining room chairs add a sleek and elegant style to your home that cannot be matched. At Anima Domus we offer a variety of leathers and woods to compliment any dining room table.


THE ARCADIA is known for its curving shape and wooden frame, it brings quality, design, and comfort in one beautifully crafted leather dining chair. Available in natural beech, Canaletto walnut, wenghè, matt white or black stained beech with or without arms and in a low or high back version. This chair can be customized to fit any home’s style and personality.


THE WANDA is a sporty chair with a lot of personality, featuring a steel frame covered in leather.


The FL@T CHAIR is sleek, sporty, and stylish. It has an intriguing design with a large seat and walnut legs to give the chair an elegant finish.


THE SIT leather chair evokes contemporary luxury with its gorgeous modern design by the renowned Pininfarina. Its wooden legs are available in matte or shiny lacquered finish or in Canaletto walnut. Back in brushed aluminum or in shiny chrome, shiny black nickel or antiqued dark brass finish. Available with two arms, one single arm right- or left-hand or without arms.

Properly Cleaning Your Leather Furniture

After you purchase your modern leather furniture, you’ll want to make sure you care for it properly. You can wipe down your leather furniture with the appropriate leather cleaner, available at Anima Domus. Cleaning a leather sofa is quick and easy and it should be cleaned every few months to keep the leather at top quality. If you take care of your leather furniture it will last you for years to come and continuously make your home modern and stylish. Now that you know the benefits of purchasing leather, the variety of furniture options that are available and how to properly clean it, it is probably clear why you should choose leather furniture. It is sleek, elegant and timeless. Browse our wide selection of leather sofas, leather bed frames, leather armchairs and leather dining chairs today. You will be happy you did, tomorrow!