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When it comes to the combination of authenticity and family values imposed by a master craftsman, there are very few who can parallel Giorgio Cattelan. Sawdust and marble were part of his genetic upbringing as the last of seven sons born to a master carpenter in the small town of Thiene, in northeast Italy. It was that family heritage Giorgio Cattelan was destined to continue as he pursued a career in the furniture industry.


Initially, with an eye on exporting marble products, Cattelan Italia was born in 1979 from a shared dream of Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan. Three years later, as their ambitions grew in conjunction with their early success, they constructed their first factory in Carre, which has been expanded and remains in use nearly forty years later.


Not content to rest on their laurels, they began to experiment with other materials such as wood, leather, and metal. Their nascent furniture collection began to grow. In 1989 in order to satisfy the market demand, their collection expanded to include a wide proposition of dining tables, chairs, bookshelves and other complementary furnishings. They built a reputation for their rich collection of materials and contrasting, yet flattering combination of wood, glass, leather and metal.


They garnered worldwide acclaim through successful partnerships with well-known architects and designers. Partnerships with the likes of Yoshino, De Longhi, Studio Ca Nova among others further helped them realize their visions. The introduction of the “Bella” chair was met with a coveted design award at Chicago’s prestigious “NeoCon” furniture fair.


By the mid 1990’s other Cattelan brothers joined the company in various divisions. Lorenzo Cattelan took a position in graphics, with a special eye for detail which is evident in his furnished villa in Italian wine country. Paolo Cattelan maintains the role of Commercial Manager and serves as the liaison between the visions of Girogio Cattelan and the commercial managers who are the key clients of Cattelan Italia and the showrooms worldwide.


With the expansion of partnerships and continued collaborations with great designers in the 2000’s Cattelan Italia has been the recipient of numerous awards and global recognition for their contemporary design flair and harmonious interpretation of classic pieces. The “DU-30” and “DAFNE” chairs, which were both designed by Gastone Rinaldi, received the “Compasso D’Oro award. A prestige collection, “Noire” was introduced to great acclaim at the Milan International Furniture Fair in 2008.


Nearly four decades later, the proud heritage of Cattelan Italia is proudly displayed in over 2500 showrooms in more than 140 countries. Their presence is always a staple at every major International furniture fairs, including, Cologne, Paris, Valencia, Moscow, and of course Milan.


Today, they remain one of the largest, family owned furniture manufacturing firms in Italy. Their roots and family genetics go into each lovingly crafted piece. In a world where heritage and authenticity are thrown around carelessly, it is the hallmark of all pieces designed by Cattelan Italia; each piece remains the vision of generations of true Italian craftsmanship.




A wonderful confluence of classic elegance while simultaneously giving a nod to the future. The calming and uniform profile of the Billy Keramik table underlies the sheer strength and balance from the ceramic table surface. The embossed titanium frame, or black lacquered steel frames are available with the following tops, Marmi Calacatta, Alabastro, Ardesia, matt Portoro, glossy Portoro, Emperador or Makalu ceramic. With the various combinations available, it is readily adaptable to any space, and can provide either a thoroughly modern or retro glamorous feel. It remains organic, subtle but full of introspection and a sense of purpose.





Easily evoking the ultra-hip art deco aesthetic of the 30’s, or perhaps reminiscent of the sleek lines and refined feel of a fine yacht. One look at the Chelsea’s unique lines realizes a transcendence of traditional contemporary dining room design. Available in matte white lacquered, oyster, gray, or titanium wood. The top is available in extra clear white, gray or oyster varnished glass. Dining guests will be drawn to the optional bronze mirrored glass finish adding a compelling extra layer of depth and drama. All models feature internal glass shelves, and the option of a chrome steel base, matte graphite or white varnished. Dramatic glamor yet gloriously understated. Regardless of what design philosophy it espouses, it can be summed up in one word; timeless.





A master craftsman’s attention to detail means understanding the tense balance of the end product. Sometimes less is significantly more. If you are looking for a dramatic piece of minimalist flair, the Dragon table is the ideal centerpiece for your next gathering. The thin metal seamless base is complimented by a barrel- shaped top available in a resplendent wood finish with irregular edging or the clean classic lines of the keramik finish. Conventional design philosophies maintain the balance between ultimate composure, and the subtle reticence of the handmade aesthetic. A talking point, a focal point, while emitting a fluid, flowing design allowing it to flourish in a space with a complementary style.




There is a masterwork of contained energy in the spirited Kayak Credenza. It is a living piece, with the prism peaks on the front doors breathing life into the standard credenza. This is not a basic, utilitarian piece of furniture. The customizable palette of color combinations for the metal base and wood framing lends to proportion and presence; the Kayak can transform a space, or meld into a space that complements its big personality. It remains profound in its uniqueness and oblivious to its coolness. It is a luxurious addition for a space capable of holding, but not containing a majestic and monolithic piece that offers such strength.





The ethereal, tangible, and well thought out design of the Nelson bed almost beckons its user with the promise of waking refreshed and light. The low profile and graceful lines give it the appearance of floating within the room, rather than inhabiting it. Rich walnut or burned oak presents a gentle play with the wonderfully soft leather of the headboard, providing a wonderful balance between strength and lightness. Organic and composed, a refined piece of master craftsmanship underlying a piece of functional art. This is a harmonious pairing; Delicate and approachable, focused and realistic. It intentionally redefines what it means to bring materials together in a harmonious fashion resulting in a whimsical approach guaranteed to levitate any starkly contemporary space.





It is not often that you get to see high artisan concepts for utilitarian pieces. The Qwerty desk is a gorgeous piece of meticulous craftsmanship that evokes subtle thoughts of industry and refinement in a high concept piece. The stylistic depth oozes a sleek retro vibe for the contemporary home office. Reminiscent of the airy lines of an art deco hood ornament on a glorious roadster from the 1930’s  A triumph of minimalist design with a matte white or graphite painted frame and stainless steel profile, it easily blends into the office space without being aloof. The surface options are in matte white or graphite with a plush leather pad to inspire the inner Hemingway. It is simultaneously institutionally demure while being powerful in its ability to reflect the already existing beauty in your elevated workspace. This is more than a piece of contemporary furniture; it is a tool that can be passed along to the next generation with pride. 





The Skorpio Keramik Table from the Skorpio dining collection, epitomizes the artist’s goal of creating a functional piece of art that can be utilized every day. There is no need for a centerpiece, when this becomes the centerpiece itself. A wonderful juxtaposing of subtle angles and stark contrasts that unite in a sturdy yet ethereal base. Form and function are equally impressive, as is pride of craftsmanship. Powerful profiles and opulent finishes show meticulous design and execution. The choice of finishes for the top allows you to compose the perfect accompaniment to your dining room. The sinewy stainless-steel cables that support the glass top reinforces this fluid yet compelling outline. A superb rendition of everything magical about the most contemporary pieces.





It is not often that a designer is able to show restraint while still displaying the magnitude of a piece that is anything but basic. The Sting coffee table epitomizes the less is more aesthetic. Supremely graceful in its simplicity, yet conveying a lithe strength in its composure. Individually, its versatility is found in the various design options; base in titanium, black or graphite embossed lacquered steel and the top in multiple keramik options. When utilized in clusters, it becomes an ever changing showpiece, your own indoor utilitarian statue garden. Form, function and versatility, all hallmarks of a master craftsman’s vision. A masterful play on diffusion and depth, the Sting is slim and proper, whimsical and brooding. The playful color and finish options give you a perfect way to complement any mood or area though the simple lines and the complex build quality. It is a perfect embracement of a unique and simple design concept.





Geometric and industrial, but calming and serene. Almost floating in its liquidity, born by the ring shaped leg made of Canaletto walnut. The Tour Console is a work of art unto itself. From a distance, this seemingly impossible structure lures you in. Your eyes are not fooling you, as you are beguiled by the feeling of a piece in motion. Geometrically arranged with a steel rectangular base, an elliptical leg, and quadrilateral platform, it commands attention and provides elegance to this modern craft. Choose to pair the curved contour with a glass or walnut top. It remains a wonderful interplay of organic materials offering bold creativity in its ultra-modern approach composed of old world techniques. It is completely unexpected, but resolute in its permanence. It will be the piece your guests continue to compliment again and again.



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