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10 Beautiful Fiam Italian Pieces


Fiam Italia is a name that has become synonymous with the fusion between art, glass, and furniture since their arrival on the scene in 1973. What began as the brainchild of Vittorio Livi, has become perhaps the most forward thinking, progressive furniture company on earth. With world class collaborators, award winning designs season after season, impeccable build quality, attention to detail, and absolute loyalty from fans of the brand – this is the company to watch for groundbreaking designs. Fiam champion’s choice and their customer’s inner-art lover. They offer hundreds of custom options throughout the portfolio to help you get exactly the piece you fall in love with. See some of our favorites by Fiam and get to know the vision this company has been bringing to high end furniture for nearly 50 years. Traditional meets contemporary with Fiam Italia furniture.




Through simple but impressive use of glass in the Big Wave table’s base, Fiam proves that beauty need not remove functionality from a TABLE. From afar, every shimmering detail of the glass bases resonate with the onlooker – at the table for dinner service, the even-tempered wood surface proves utility. It is at the same time, both a monolithic nod to traditional craftsmanship, and an art installation for the most progressive glass artists. Custom options abound with the big wave, and the look of sumptuous exotically finished woods atop timeless, purposefully finished glass panels with a variety of options envisions the meeting of earth, water and sky, in a single piece.



All observers humbly admit the evocation of calm and class when they view the Coral Beach Table by Fiam. A single look is all it takes to crystalize this vision of beauty and functionality – an artful piece that takes high-end dining to another level. At once, the surface of this glass table reminds of the serenity and the chaos that can come from the same large body of water. And yet, the Coral Beach Table simplifies the dining scenario by offering a slim, purposeful footprint that caters to each diner’s position around the table in relation to others. A spectacular multi-dimensional quality showcases the work that Fiam essentially pioneered in glass-based furniture, with the traditional craftsman build quality, and the ultra-contemporary aesthetic.



The level of detail in the Hype table by Fiam, surely knows no equal. In its surface alone, one could find infinite depths of character and a fully bespoke build – but the beauty continues beyond the sheer glass surface. The architecture is meaningful in the design, combining metal and glass in a way that eschews commercial production and fuels artisan handwork, to produce a table that is equal parts intriguing and confident. The unique finish work on the glass proves the level of intricacy that goes into each piece of furniture by Fiam, with dozens of potential combinations between finishes, textures, and colors. Each piece has a unique soul and inspires any who see it, to look deeper.




A spectacular collaboration with Philippe Starck, you’ve never seen anything like the Caadre Mirror by Fiam. Caadre is a mirror that can be the entire focal point of a space or can delicately hold its own as an accessory. Depending on which options you choose, that means this is a special piece for anyone who needs showstopping functional decor for a special place. The design features four separate handcrafted panels that come together as a frame and glass, made from the same material, and giving a quality of depth that few other mirrors can match. It can be had in grandiose dimensions, or more humble measurements as needed – with only one thing being absolutely certain – you will never own another piece of décor that you will enjoy looking at more than the Caadre mirror.



Almost otherworldly, the Phantom mirror by Fiam haunts with its timeless, dimensional beauty. The surreal surface mapping creates an experience that no other mirror has – and it is intriguing while being useful too. But one doesn’t buy a MIRROR like the Phantom because of its practical side – one buys it because it’s impossible to find a mirror with as much presence as this piece can have in a space. It is fluid, bold and helps to remind the user to be introspective and timeless – like the Phantom. It creates depth and clarity at the same moment. When time is fleeting, a lasting piece can be a comforting addition.



A massive, shimmering presence that has a subtle movement upon its surface as reflections dance around its curved dimples, and compel you to look closer. It is then that one can settle into the enjoyment of taking in its majesty. Pop mirror is another beautiful rendition of the calm on the surface and the chaos on the edges that have become part of so many signature Fiam pieces. Available in an array of options, the Pop Mirror is impressive no matter how you look at it. Museum quality reflective glass – a hallmark of Fiam Italia.



The ethereal nature of the Rosy mirror by Fiam Italia is a reassuring and upscale look while maintaining the custom feel of a top tier piece of décor. It is a stunning round design that is evocative of the sun and the moon but doesn’t feel distant. The specialty mounting hardware allows for the owner to take advantage of unique positioning to complement any space with any accompaniments. The quality of the build for this mirror is exceptional and includes a stout 8mm thick fused glass encasement for the flawless mirror that is inset.




Some pieces are breathtaking when you see them. The Shell Coffee Table is among those special vaunted pieces. It is without equal for a multi-part glass COFFEE TABLE with presence. The time and effort that went into planning and building each hand-formed component on a per-table basis is impressive. It is a bespoke table that is made by artisans. The tint of the glass is reminiscent of water, and the patterning of the flowing curved pieces of the base have an organic quality – hence the name. The Shell Table has a certain effervescence about it that speaks to the unique ability of the piece to be at once monolithic and still fragile. Fragility won’t be an issue in use though, as the stout stainless-steel hardware connects 12mm thick glass, hand formed to flow perfectly in harmony.



When you believe you have seen it all, Fiam’s designers and craftspeople manage to amaze yet again. A fitting name for this coffee table, the Macrame Table beautifully harnesses the intricacy of the hand-woven spun-glass base, that on the surface seems delicate, but in reality is a testament to the fusion and cohesion that comes from formed glass. The patterns are snowflake-like in their uniqueness, and no table will be the same as another; while every table in the collection benefits from Fiam’s commitment to excellence in design, finishing, and aesthetics. Multiple colors and sizes further showcase Fiam’s abundant choices for their collection that allows you to have a say in what you build together with this Italian furniture pioneer.



You cannot get more contemporary than the Flute table. It is both timeless, and “en vogue”. Timeless because of its simplicity and its palette. “In fashion” because it strikes a chord with everyone who views it – it is truly a showstopping piece. Designed for minimalism and bold transparency, the Flute Coffee Table by Fiam delivers on all fronts. In stunning perfection, every line can be seen, every surface can be viewed, and they all portray fineness, polish, and the absence of flaws. This is the ultimate table to showcase a space because it exists as a focal point, but it is completely in harmony with any surrounding room characteristics. Options for a lower shelf increase the table’s ability to meld with any décor motif and provides excellent utility. If you are ready to experience the best selection of ITALIAN FURNITURE IN MIAMI, come check out one of our showrooms. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to help you find the perfect piece for your home.