A Murphy Bed, also known as a wall bed, pull down bed, or fold-down bed is a bed that is hinged on one of the ends so that it can be stored against the wall, or inside a closet or cabinet. It is the magical bed that quickly and easily disappears during the day when the bed is not needed. It allows you to transform a small apartment, studio, guest room, dorm or vacation home into an incredibly stylish multi-purpose environment!

With the growing need for smaller housing in major cities and as people become more conscious of their carbon footprint, wall beds are becoming extremely popular in the homes of people all across North America. In South Florida, in places like Miami, Miami Beach, Aventura, and Sunny Isles, wall beds are often used in high-rise vacation homes, so that the whole family can enjoy the amazing holiday by the beach. 

Modern-day wall beds offer a smart design that is space-conscious, and fits absolutely seamlessly and beautifully into any room. It is by far one of the most versatile furniture pieces available as it multitasks with elegance and ease.

However, not all Murphy beds are designed and constructed the same. Today we are going to talk to you about CLEI wall beds offered at Anima Domus. As pioneers in contemporary Murphy bed technology, CLEI wall beds give you top of the line technology and design. This ensures not only aesthetic beauty but also ease of opening, safety, and peace of mind.


CLEI Swing convertible bed

Murphy Bed vs. Sofa Bed 

If you are browsing the furniture market for a space-saving solution, then you have probably come across both sofa beds and wall beds. The two options will offer you the same benefit of a bed that can be tucked away when you aren’t using it but there are a few reasons that most furniture shoppers prefer the wall bed to the sofa bed.



Sofa beds are different than wall beds as they only offer two-for-one on functionality. A sofa bed is a couch that, underneath the seating cushions, hides a metal frame and thin mattress that can be unfolded or opened up to make a bed. A Murphy bed not only hides your bed in the wall but can also become a bunk bed, desk, or bookcase. It can include modular storage components such as shelves or cabinets that can be decorated to really create a personalized and charming space. With a wall bed you can choose between queen or twin mattress sizes unlike the sofa bed that typically just comes in a queen size mattress.



The number one factor in choosing a bed for most people is comfort. Sofa beds can only store a thin mattress, about 4-5 inches thick, because it needs to be flexible enough to fold back into the sofa. With that reality, they tend to be uncomfortable. A wall bed functions as a regular bed with a slatted base, being able to accommodate a plush real mattress. A good quality Murphy bed is designed for everyday use as your main bed. With a sturdy mechanism and plush mattress, you or your guests will have much more cushion and comfort if you choose a Murphy bed. 



 At the end of the day all you want to do is jump in bed and fall asleep. Having to assemble your bed every night can be a hassle. A wall bed is simple to set up, you simply pull the bed down and get in! With straps to keep the mattress and sheet from moving, you can leave the bed made and just pull down each night.  Most sofa beds can only fit a sheet on them when you unfold the bed. When you pull the bed out of the sofa you must add all of the sheets, blankets, and other components; then, in the morning remove and store them elsewhere.


Penelope Sofa Closed 

Components of a Wall Bed

There are three main components of a Murphy bed:   

The Mattress

This is the most important component for shoppers as everyone desires a comfortable and high-quality mattress to sleep on every night. The great thing about a wall bed is that it can support a real and comfortable mattress. Depending on the space in your room, you can also choose between a twin or queen mattress. When purchasing a wall bed at Anima Domus, you can try out different mattress options that we have available or consult with one of our specialists to see if the mattress you want fits the weight and height specifications for the frame. 


The Frame & Mechanism

It is important to choose a wall bed that is sturdy and safe because it will support both your sofa and your bed. At Anima Domus, we offer wall beds that are made with a variety of high-quality materials with durable mechanisms that are extremely easy to use and will stand the test of time. Our beds all have specific safety mechanisms to avoid accidents while opening and closing the system.  With hidden pistons, hinges, and other mechanical parts, CLEI wall beds are also very pleasing to the eye.


The Sofa

When choosing your wall bed the mattress is important but so is the style, comfort, and design of the sofa. The great thing about a wall bed sofa is the wide variety of options you have to choose from including a variety of sizes, styles, ways to open, price points, and fabrics. The sofa often comes available with different arm widths so that it can fit the individual room appropriately. Also, most options have available storage underneath the sofa cushion, perfect for bed linens, pillows, and blankets.


Oslo Cushion


How to Select the Right Wall Bed for Your Home

Furniture is a big investment and you should put in the time and energy it takes to make sure you make the right decision for your home. There are three main factors you should consider when shopping for the right wall bed for your home:



You’re probably sick of hearing it but comfort is important! The average person spends 3,000 hours a year in their bed and an average of 1,000 hours on their sofa. That is a lot of time and we know you’ll want to be comfortable for those 4,000 hours so be sure that both the mattress and sofa are comfortable on your wall bed or you might end up regretting your purchase.


Design and Color

The sofa is the centerpiece for the living area and a bed is the centerpiece for a bedroom. They are both important pieces of furniture that can set the tone for the entire room. Wall beds are available in multiple colors and designs to best fit in with the décor of your space. Whether you want wood or lacquer finish, options are limitless!  You can choose from a two-seater sofa or a sectional that can fit the entire family. You can also choose from a variety of fabric colors including popular sofa colors such as sand, brown and white.



There are countless styles available for Murphy beds to fit the specific storage and spatial needs of your home. Wall beds can fold out and become a sofa, a dining room table, a book shelf, a cabinet, and more!


Styles Available for Murphy Beds with Sofas

 As we mentioned above, wall beds have many elegant style options to choose from. Here are a few of our favorite Murphy beds with sofas available at Anima Domus:


The Tango

Tango Open 2


The Tango is a versatile system that incorporates a queen bed, wall shelving and sofa sectionals to promote space efficiency. Choose from available sofa components in fixed or sliding seats, armless seats, corner seats and chaise lounge to create a relaxing environment. As the bed unfolds from the wall unit, it becomes comfortably situated on sofa sectionals. You will enjoy the convenience of this wall bed!


The Oslo

Oslo Side Open

The Oslo is an efficient and versatile queen-sized wall bed that incorporates a sofa, shelving, and hidden storage. The Oslo offers a unique system that has the back cushion fixed to the bed component. This allows you to open and close the wall bed without needing to remove the back cushion.


The Kali Duo Sofa
Kali Duo Sofa

This sofa version of the Kali Duo bunk bed creates the ideal living and sleeping combination for any kid’s room. The bottom bunk is connected to a comfortable sofa that slides under to reveal a twin-sized bed. With safety, innovation, and design as top priority, the Kali Duo Sofa offers a beautiful and sturdy bunk bed with railing for the top bunk, a storable ladder, a unique locking mechanism, and a tilting top bunk for easy bed-making. Your children will love it!


The Swing Swing Slider

The Swing wall bed system is composed of a sofa with one or two lateral armrests, a chaise that slides in three different positions, a reclining back rest, and storage space underneath the sofa seat. It is integrated with a living wall panel and it transforms into a comfortable queen-sized bed. Its innovative slatted base allows for premium sleep on a real mattress. This comfortable and elegant design will compliment any living area!


Murphy beds allow you to create your dream home without compromising on design, quality, or space. At Anima Domus we offer Clei contemporary wall beds that are like no other convertible bed on the market. Clei has been an Italian wall bed manufacturer since 1963. They are the pioneers in space saving technology, they produce stylish and stunning designs that are unlike your typical murphy bed.

Their hidden mechanisms allow for an elegant modern aesthetic while the Italian craftsmanship is shown through the unequivocal quality of the furniture. You can transform your small apartment, studio, guest room, or vacation home into an incredibly stylish multi-purpose environment! Whether you are looking to use the Clei wall beds for daily or occasional use, the durable mechanism is the perfect addition to your home. Shop Anima Domus today to find the right wall bed for you!

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