Micro Living Needs Smart Furniture

As Miami gets denser our Residences get smaller, requiring a smarter solution to Micro-Living.

Written by: Shaan Patel of Miami Grid


In November of 2017 the City of Miami approved a reduction in the minimum size of a micro-apartment from 400 to 275 sqft. This remarkable shift is due to the rapidly increasing cost of land, and its effect on long term rental and home ownership cost. South Florida land prices are increasing in every sector, and this is leading to a higher cost of living. City commissioners believe that the ability to build more micro-units will help to offset some of the cost of living, and get more people into the neighborhoods they want to live in without breaking the bank.

Micro Apt HeraldMiami Herald: The average micro-unit is around 500 sqft, around the size of a garage.


floorplan-g 500 sf Centro Miami

El Centro: An apartment building in Downtown Miami has units starting at 500 sqft with no partition walls.


However, living small does not always have to mean living uncomfortably. Designers, furniture companies, and architects alike are coming up with creative solutions for multi-purpose residential spaces. CLEI is an Italian Furniture company, and a leader in convertible furniture. See below for a few of their revolutionary products.

CLEI-Bed 1

CLEI - desk bed

CLEI - bunk bed

CLEI - bed wall


CLEI has many examples of multi-purpose furniture and layouts.


With a micro-apartment, people believe that they can no longer host large groups, work from home, or have guests stay over. With convertible furniture, 1 room can have the functionality of 5 or 6, literally creating value out of the same square footage. In Miami, many snowbirds, international buyers, and transients alike can use the functionality of multi-purpose furniture to adapt to their changing needs.

The 2 videos below illustrate different functionalities with the CLEI furniture system. The first is a studio in Soho, NYC, that takes a micro-apartment and creates 6 rooms, including a party space in the same area. The second is a cabana for luxury apartment in Key Biscayne, FL, that is an entertainment room during the day, and can be used as a guest room at night.




The greater trend of double and triple using space however, is a necessary step for our densifying and overbuilt cities. The average home size in the US has increased 1,000 sqft over the last 40 years, while the average number of persons per home has decreased by 0.5 persons. This is helping to exacerbate problems of traffic, air pollution, energy usage, and non-renewable material shortages.



If we can learn to live closer together, transit becomes viable; If we can learn to live in smaller spaces, our carbon footprint shrinks significantly; And, if we can learn to live more efficiently, perhaps we can nudge our community and our world in the right direction together.


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