With a large majority of the American work force working from home, there has been an immense need to create a home office space that is both useful and versatile. In the last few months, Anima Domus has helped many of its clients in South Florida create livable and beautiful workspaces in there home. 

While some people have ample spaces that allow for incredibly large home offices, others choose to use multifunction rooms such as a guest bedroom for their home office needs. Whether you have a small ocean-front condo in Miami Beach overlooking the ocean or a large home with a surplus of spaces, we will be showing great home office solutions with ample storage and interesting features.  The contemporary home office can be categorized into two different kinds of spaces the “standard” home office and the “convertible” home office. In this article we will be speaking about both.

The Standard Home Office

When you think of a home office, you can’t help but think large and bold desks, plenty of storage and space, and a comfortable chair. The office is a room where you can store all of your necessary paperwork and your essential electronics. If this is the kind of home office your space permits, below are some amazing contemporary Italian home furnishing options. (If space is an issue, scroll to the next section: The Convertible Home Office Bedroom)

The Perfect Desk:

Desks are the true centerpieces of the home office; the place where you spend the most amount of time and where you get most of your work done. A truly spectacular desk needs to accommodate all of your paperwork and electronics, adding comfort to your life. Ease of use and attention to detail should be intertwined with beauty and form. With Made in Italy furniture, you get form and function impeccably executed.


The Flavio desk by Porada is an executive writing desk with incredible nuances and attention to detail. This desk is the perfect centerpiece for your home office as it provides practicality as you go through your work day. With a large top covered in cuoietto leather and a luxurious stitch detailing, the Flavio is sure to give your office space a refined and sophisticated aesthetic.


The Vega desk is sleek yet imposing for a contemporary executive feel. It provides ample work space and many optional features to suit your home office needs. Its unique stainless steel finish, allows for a cool trendy look. If you want something more composed, enjoy the Vega in Canaletto walnut. No matter the finish, the Vega desk is a great work desk.

A modern Stylo desk by Porada with sleek legs and contemporary frameStylo

For a smaller desk option that is still spacious and useful, the Stylo is a perfect choice!  Available with a glass or wood top, this incredible desk is expertly crafted, leaving no detail unattended.

Thoughtful Storage Solutions:

Paperwork and documents are almost synonymous to the home office. The office is the space in your home that you can trust to find your old invoices, tax documents, and favorite books. With an adequate storage and filling system, finding papers and old books become easy and fast. The following modular home office furniture provide ample space for storing all of your essentials and will add a sense of luxury to your home! It is important to note that our knowledgable team can help tailor this modular unit to your space and style.


Whether your space calls for a wall-mounted or ceiling-hung solution, the Airport can adapt to your specific needs. This modular bookcase is made up of shelving and container pieces that can be tailored to fit your space. The Airport can showcase books and hold accessories on its elegant shelving and store papers and documents in the beautiful container elements. 


The Modo by Sangiacomo brings refinement, customization, and storage to the office space. With an array of different configuration options, the Modo includes shelving, drawers, doors, tv space, and even a sliding ladder. The doors can be glass or opaque allowing you to showcase or hide different elements. The Modo is top-of-the-line when it comes to customization and can revolutionize your office space.

Air Book2Air

Thoughtful and airy the Air bookcase is just one piece of the amazing Air collection by Lago. The Air collection is timeless and brings a ton of levity to the home office space. With its floating like demeanor, it is the perfect bookcase for your beautiful Miami home offices that overlook the ocean. This bookcase will add to the view, not obstruct from it! Fully modular and customizable the Air bookcase may be the perfect fit for your ocean-front home office!

Premium Office Chairs:

At Anima Domus we believe that the office chair’s primary function is to be comfortable and ergonomic while still remaining stylish. The chair supports your back so that you can enjoy each day regardless of the occasion. Our premium office chairs are made of fine Italian leather, perfectly upholstered to contour your lifestyle.


The two-toned Tua chair by Estel has a timeless appeal while remaining intriguing and contemporary. With an emphasis on the ergonomic aspects of the chair, the Tua has modern mechanisms that adjust backrest, seat height, and lumbar support.


The Elis rolling chair is the perfect mix of an upholstered seat with the warm Canaletta walnut armrest. A cozy executive chair that embraces comfort and luxury in its truest form. Its five wheels give it a smooth roll so you can easily move throughout your modern office.


With a stylish and suspended wooden back and an elegant leather seat, the Silhouette by i4Mariani is ultimately beautiful and intriguing. This chair has many different base options for your specific needs.

Stylish Extras:

Don’t forget the details when it comes to your home office design. Beautiful interiors and design ideas are proven to increase productivity and workflow. Feeling great in the space you inhabit can lead to more creative thinking strategies and more efficient use of time. While this can encompass items like exquisite plants and amazing aromas, in the home furnishing sector, we are talking about lighting, area rugs, mirrors, and more!


This charming floor or table lamp provides great ambient lighting and a sophisticated appeal. The wooden elements always bring a sense of grace to the space, while the colored cord and metal top add some character and fun! 


Mirror, mirror on the wall… The Phantom mirror may be the most unique and spectacular thing you will see all day! This amazing mirror doubles as a work of art and gives you the functionality of fully checking yourself before taking your next zoom call.

© HENZEL STUDIO Vesterbro Oriole Dr Diamond Patina by Calle HenzelHenzel Rugs

The area rug is often overlooked, but it plays an essential part of giving your home office space a complete look. If art and design matter strongly to you, a Henzel rug is the only option. Featuring collaborations with some of the world’s finest visual artists, the Henzel collection is one to be explored.

Brandy 2Brandy

This may be a little “Mad Men” but having a bar cart in your home office does seem alluring. For a large executive office, the Brandy cart by Cattelan Italia adds a little “je ne sais quoi”. End your busy work day by pouring yourself a cup of something nice.


The Convertible Home Office Bedroom

With Miami as a desired travel location for family and friends, a guest bedroom is often a must. If you are looking for a convertible home office that turns into a beautiful guest bedroom in under one minute, look no further! Our amazing space-saving solutions and sleek home furnishings can create the bedroom that will wow your guests during their visit; all-the-while be functional for you during the other 300+ days of the year!

Transformable Furniture:

In order to achieve a convertible home office, transformable furniture and intelligent use of space is a must. Luckily with Anima Domus, you get both! Our top-of-the-line space saving solutions by CLEI joined with our highly trained and technical staff can create the perfect home office/ guest bedroom.

CLEI is the pioneer and truly the best wall bed and space saving company in the world. With hidden pistons, quality construction, forward-thinking engineering, and innovation, you can rest assured you are getting the best comprehensive value and quality product in the market. 

LGM Closed TableLGM Tavolo

The LGM bookcase wall bed has been a customer favorite for a long time due to its beautiful design and brilliant engineering. By simply unlocking the bookcase, it swivels to reveal a queen-sized bed perfect for two guests. The LGM Tavolo is the same LGM mechanism that our customers have loved for years, with an added desk function. This wall bed is a 3-in-1 item that can completely redefine how you envision your home office.

Kali Board Closed3Kali Board

The Kali Board is a seven-foot desk that unlocks to reveal a twin-sized bed. This system is sleek and easy to open. Feel free to leave most objects on the table as the table remains horizontal upon opening. For a bunk bed version: Kali Board Duo.

Home Office OpenHome Office

CLEI home office is ideal for very compact spaces. This model features a sturdy work station in the middle, as well as, storage compartments above and below it. When you close the doors, the desk is fully concealed into a nice simple cabinet space.

Matching Storage:

CLEI Modular components

Above we spoke about some amazing storage solutions for the home office. While those may be still be great options, CLEI’s space saving systems can be paired perfectly with their robust and modular storage components. The benefits of using the CLEI modular systems are that the finishes will match perfectly with your other CLEI pieces. The CLEI modular system includes cabinets, drawers, and dresser solutions.

Office Bedroom Chairs:

The home office bedroom chair is much different than the executive chair. This chair has to have ergonomics features, all-the-while, it must be easy to tuck away when it is being used in the bedroom. The following chairs are great for the modern lifestyle of the convertible home office space.


The Fl@t chair is sleek, sporty, and stylish with multiple base options for different functions. One sit on the Fl@t chair and you will see that there is nothing flat about it. Rather, this beautiful chair is extremely comfortable and usable for hours on end!

Concept 2Concept

Made from a special high density foam, the Concept chair is ideal for the bedroom and office function. Soft to the touch, yet this chair has a nice firm ergonomic support. Though not available in a rolling option, this chair is great for long-term use.


This comfortable and fluid Pass chair will roll right into your heart with its alluring aesthetic and ergonomic support. Great for the home office and beautiful for the bedroom.

Office Bedroom Extras:

Extras in a convertible office space are much different than those in a standard office or bedroom. They must service both functions well and be more considerate of the limited space.


When space is a consideration, the Fisherman light is an ideal solution. With a sleek and streamlined look, this piece can double as a statement piece and a reading lamp!

Hook 1Hook

The Hook mirror hangs neatly off the wall by an elegant Canaletta walnut beam. This delicate mirror is a luxury piece not to be ignored. Offer your guest an elegant place to view themselves without taking up too much space in the room!

To get the full range of the Anima Domus collections and get assistance in planning your home office, contact our team or visit one of our showrooms in Miami, Aventura, or Doral Outlet!

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