Anima Domus is delighted to offer clients a quality of sleep to match the quality of our bedroom furnishings: luxurious. And with a starting price point that rivals Tempur-Pedic® and Sleep Number® mattresses, nearly everyone can enjoy their best rest ever.

When the first Magniflex mattresses arrived from Italy to the Anima Domus showrooms in Miami and Aventura, Florida, they were a fascinating sight. Unlike any other mattress delivery, these arrived in boxes about the size of a golf bag. When removed, we could see each mattress was rolled up like an area rug — compressed to just 10% of its volume to reduce their carbon footprint. We placed the mattresses on the beds — also from Italy — and watched them decompress and rise evenly, like the finest baked bread.

If only we could recreate that feat of physics for every client.

What our clients can immediately appreciate, however, is the exquisite comfort and support of a Magniflex mattress. Magniflex manufactures mattresses and pillows made from a variety of high-quality, non-toxic materials which meet each sleeper’s individual needs and provide specifically designed support. Each product is crush-proof due to the high quality of the raw materials.
Cotton Caresse Dual 12 inch

Comfort Dual 10 inch Frontale

Material options include Memoform, the most anatomical of the materials employed, and designed to react to the weight of the body so that it adapts perfectly to each contour of the human figure. Geomemory is an anatomical material enriched with aloe vera or soya extracts and which molds itself naturally to the contours of the body. Mallowfoam features a foam plate with mallow extract, which has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

For 50 years, Magniflex has been dedicated to three things: sleep, the environment and innovation. Visit an Anima Domus showroom now to get a real feel for the comfort of a Magniflex mattress and learn more about their commitment to healthful sleep.

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