Choosing Your Leather Armchair

Leather armchairs bring a certain elegance to the room that makes them popular in offices for entertaining clients, luxury vacation homes, cigar rooms and more. Leather remains the most popular material for furniture even with all of the options consumers have. Leather is sought after because of its strength, comfort, style and quality.

Like any investment in life, purchasing a leather armchair should take thought and consideration. Although leather furniture is one of the highest quality options you can own, there is leather furniture on the market that does not live up to the same standards we have at Anima Domus. There are a few ways to identify quality leather before purchasing.


The Source

At Anima Domus, we curate our collections with substantial thought and mindfulness. The companies we represent buy their leather from Italy’s top tanneries. Sourcing the leather from renowned Italian tanneries guarantees the quality of the product, as well as, a reduced impact on the planet. For example, when you buy from one of our top leather armchair and sofa suppliers: Gamma, you are purchasing leather from the same tannery that supplies Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Hermes, Gucci and many more. (Click here to watch a factory tour of Gamma)

The Grain

There are multiple different ways leather can be produced: hard smooth leather, soft full-grain leather, nabuk, stamped, among others. No matter which you prefer, real leather is a natural material so it will often have imperfections that make it unique because no two hides are ever exactly alike in markings. 

The Smell

Many people can identify the smell of genuine leather because of how unique the scent is. Leather will have a natural smell unlike synthetic leather that will smell more like plastic or chemicals. It is impossible to mistake the scent of synthetic leather and genuine leather.

There are many differences between high quality leather armchairs and synthetic leather armchairs. It’s important to purchase quality leather to get the full benefits leather has to offer. One of the main benefits of leather armchairs is the elegance and style of the chair. Although leather armchairs are elegant, they are also very practical! There are many features of leather that make it a practical option for furniture. Some of these benefits include:

Lou Read composition


Leather is known for lasting a long time and holding its quality. Leather is strong, durable, and flexible making it naturally resistant to punctures and tears. If real leather furniture suffers minor issues, it can be repaired. Leather furniture, if treated well, can improve with age and last a lifetime.


While leather is strong and durable, it is surprisingly very comfortable. When you first purchase a contemporary leather armchair it will be firm but with time leather becomes softer and provides maximum comfort, all while keeping its shape and strength. 


Dust mites, pet dander, fungus and other allergens cannot permeate leather the way it can on textile. Fabric absorbs dust and needs to be deep cleaned to avoid allergens, where leather furniture does not absorb the dust. For this reason, leather armchairs are hypoallergenic, making it perfect for people with allergies. 

Pet Friendly

Another quality that leather furniture has is that it is extremely pet friendly. With an easy to wipe surface, pet hair, dander, or smell does not linger on the furniture. Also, minor scratches can be masked with the appropriate leather polish.


There are two sides to this, and both are beneficial aspects of owning a leather armchair. While leather has its natural scent that is pleasing to most people. It is also great at not absorbing foreign odors. This allows leather to be used in multiple settings and retain its neutral smell.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning your leather armchair is important. Although cleaning leather furniture is quicker and easier than upholstered fabric chairs, they still need to be cleaned every so often. You can wipe down your leather armchair with the appropriate leather creams that the tanneries recommend every few months to keep the leather at top quality. The Anima Domus team can assist you with the appropriate cleaners. If you take care of your leather armchair it will last you for years to come and continuously make your home or office modern and stylish.

How Long Do Leather Armchairs Last?

If you purchase a high-quality leather armchair and properly care for it, it should last you many years! Many people keep leather furniture for 25-40 years and often pass on quality leather furniture pieces to family members as an heirloom. Quality leather is an investment that will provide you with years of comfort. To ensure your leather armchair ages beautifully, it needs to be cleaned and maintained periodically.

Below are some of the most popular leather armchairs at Anima Domus.

tulip2Tulip – Gamma

The Tulip armchair encompasses comfort and style all in one amazing armchair. Its ergonomic design and amazing curves create an incredibly appealing chair that you can enjoy for hours at a time. Gamma, one of Italy’s top leather manufacturers allows for incredible customization of leather and stitching finishes and colors. 


Ara armchair white leather woodAra – Porada

The Ara  is Italian-designed and Italian-made, offering a luxurious and comfortable piece made from the renowned Porada Canaletto wood. Neatly upholstered in fabric or quality genuine leather, it is a luxurious piece for any home or office.


Vera1Vera – Porada

The Vera chair incorporates a gorgeously smooth wooden frame, luxe leather back, and beautiful fabric seats. With a curved wooden frame and straight sleek arms, the Vera is pure sophistication.


Driade Lou Read chair by Philippe StarckLou Read – Driade

The Lou Read chair is an organic fiberglass armchair with a full grain leather fixed cover. Designed by Philippe Starck in collaboration with Eugeni Quitlett, the Lou Read chair is a tribute to the great Carlo Mollino and to the Danish design of the 50s, led by Starck and Quitlett with impeccable mastery. The Lou Read chair sits comfortably as a statement armchair, bringing the upmost elegance to any room.


Up LoungeUp Armchair – Tonon

The UP Lounge Armchair is noted for its wide shell that provides generous comfort. This chair demands admiration for its armrests, handcrafted in solid American walnut. The wooden arms have a stylistic coherence with the leathers upholster grandiose shell.


BOH-ME Poltroncina Fissa1Boheme – Cierre

The Boheme Chair is truly a luxurious design, featuring hand-made Italian leather. This chair offers unique features including a low back that creates a lighter visual appearance, polished chrome or black chrome legs, a 180-degree or 360-degree swivel feature for movement, and polyurethane foam padding that succeeds in providing comfort.  

If you are in the market for an armchair that adds elegance, style and sophistication to your home or office, then a leather armchair for Anima Domus is right for you. We offer a wide variety of genuine leather furniture that provide comfort and quality in the most luxurious form. Browse our leather armchair selection today to start styling your home with high quality leather that will last for years to come!


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