Lago Furniture is simple – minimal – true to nature, and memorable. A brand that distills style into its base parts and lays bare the essence of the piece it seeks to compel you with. 


With Lago you don’t have to worry about surprises – what you see is what you get – but it is also surprisingly intuitive and made for use by people. It harnesses the most important stylistic variables and builds around the idea that people must live in harmony with the things they surround themselves with. 


Lago was started in 1976 officially by Giuseppi Lago, but the traditions and roots of Lago reach further back in time to the humble artisan woodworker for noble villas, Policarpo Lago. The most important part of the legacy of the Lago furniture brand is the absolute commitment to the human being at the center of their design and the company’s ability to produce lust worthy furniture without sacrificing functionality even in the slightest.  

Lago Beds


Lago air beds


A floating fortress for respite in a world that craves more intuitive furniture, the Air Bed is a resplendent offering by Lago that appears to float on a cushion of air, while providing robust support with a metal and glass support architecture. 


The modularity and harmony that is simultaneously harnessed in this enigmatic design give the user a serene feeling while affording them the peace of mind that such a piece as this is timeless and made to go the distance. The build quality is evident through the perspective created at any conceivable angle, as visually you cannot tell the bed is tied to terra firma. The Ultra-contemporary minimalist vibe of the Lago Air bed is a beautiful ode to living in harmony with one’s surroundings and being at peace with well-thought-out design.   



Lago air wildwood bed


A slightly more “grounded” approach to the Air Bed by Lago, the Air Wildwood Bed offers an anchor point in the form of a gorgeous organic headboard in natural wood while floating atop a sleek bed surface. Hoisted up by sheet glass and metal, the bed appears to be hovering above the earth, connected only to the headboard, a wide, low, stylish offering of premium timber.


This oaken headboard piece is modular and expandable with several options to increase utility and ease of use while atop the bed. The comfort and beauty of this bed are hard to match and the simplicity and breathtaking design prove it is a Lago bed.  


Lago Fluttua Bed


Fluttua Bed by Lago is another hovering bed design that defies gravity upon first glance and while sleeping on the structure. The truth of the design is a cantilevered steel design that anchors to a wall and provides a sleek, minimal look in the bedroom, and allows for the user to enjoy unimpeded by eliminating noisy bed frames and box springs. The quality of manufacture is a Lago trademark and the Fluttua is a dreamscape come to life for those who need to feel completely removed from the world to optimize their slumber. 


When in search of the most unobtrusive look for a bedroom space this incredible contemporary masterpiece offers something other beds cannot – a near unimpeded presence and an airy, floating look that utilizes a single post to distribute weight and eliminate annoying sounds and disharmony while sleeping. 


Lago Colletto Bed



The Col-Letto bed is a unicorn, built to enhance every facet of optimized sleep, and despite being somewhat unconventional in looks, it has a pleasant, whimsical appearance that also channels a certain regalness and stateliness in its design and implementation. The ring or collar that surrounds the bed, which is floated upon a tiny set of corner bound posts, is built to be flexible and can be moved easily to block out noise at the bed level and enhance light blocking. 


The crib-like design offers a certain comfort and return to simplicity that helps to ensure the user can benefit from the design and the opulent materials. A wide variety of colors and sumptuous material choices round out a bed that while unique, is uniquely well designed to optimize sleep comfort and conditions. 

Lago Tables


Lago air dining table


 The coming together of two such base materials and the way that these two materials coalesce into a preeminent dining experience are perfect reminders of the essence of the Lago vision. 


Gorgeous solid hardwood combines with crystal clear, flat sheets of glass to make a minimalist’s dream design for everyday dining that is neither fussy nor out of place in any contemporary space. And this is about as contemporary a dining option as is available on the market, with the clean minimalist build and the superb choice of colors and lines. Built to stay fresh and still provide stability and permanence, the Air dining table is a stunning option for those who prefer to stage dinner in a way that showcases quality – in food, company, and experience. 

Lago Air Coffee Table


A “barely-there” aesthetic pairs with a solid, opulent tabletop to create a focal point in any contemporary living space, and the Air Coffee Table is a showcase piece of furniture that continues to deliver on expectations well past the honeymoon phase. It is a robust and beautiful option that can be used in small or large spaces without difficulty, and still provides an essence of minimalism, while not foregoing its permanence. 


The stunning design hides the legs through clever use of clear glass leg panels and strategic placement of those legs, while the top exudes a level of class with its satin matte finish and a warmth that is hard to match with other “floating” tabletop designs in the coffee table space

Lago Air Wildwood Dining Table


The Air Wildwood Dining table is a statement piece with an eye-catching top and extreme functionality, making an ideal dining option for family meals throughout the week. A single glance in the direction of this modern-meets-contemporary table illuminates the warmth that comes from the organic wood seating and tabletop surfaces and shows off the cool simplicity of the glass panel architecture. 


This piece defies the genre and produces a certain air of confidence and grandeur that is usually only possible with other tables by overdoing it on their dimensions. The Air Wildwood Dining Table utilizes materials and functional design to produce grandeur and majesty without the overbearing presence and while looking like a timeless piece. 

 Lago U

A perfect piece to showcase the majesty and beauty of the Lago line of furniture, with the monolithic metal base and the impossibly thin dining surface that juxtaposes minimalism atop excess, all in the name of satisfying the human interaction with a piece of furniture. The core belief of Lago and its designers is showcased so eloquently through this harmony achieved through disharmony that shines through in the design of the U Table. 


The thought-provoking looks and the ultimate in functional artistry is a boon to the modern space it ends up in, and still serves as an entirely functional and well-thought-out piece of dining furniture. Ultimately, this semi-customizable dining table can be had with your stamp upon it with choices of finishes and treatments. Like all of the rest of the contemporary gems in the Lago line, the U table is a sight to behold, and yet, somehow manages to never alienate the user by being overwrought, dysfunctional, or out of place. 


The U Dining Table will be the focal point of the space, no matter where you choose to display it. Similarly, while it is an art piece, it is also a masterclass in usability and human interaction. Those that have the pleasure of using it for dining will understand what is meant by finding harmony between what is needed and what is visually appealing. 

Lago Shelves


Lago Air Shelving


You’ve probably seen some of Lago’s design work in one-off pieces in museums, galleries, world-class restaurants, and hotels around the world. The Lago Shelves, including the Air Shelving, are standard catalog items, and yet, they are not simply “standard” – they are “The Standard” by which contemporary shelving units are judged. 


Every piece is a one-off exploration of what is possible when only the best attributes and the most functional components are kept. Designers at Lago are tasked with removing excess until a perfectly edited, properly usable, and ultimately a very beautiful and desirable piece remains. Only then, can a furniture piece make it into the catalog. Lago Shelves portray that concept in such a way that a single look is all it takes to convince you of the benefits you will receive by choosing them over others for your contemporary space. No other case good item in the genre delivers a more focused contemporary vibe while maintaining such emphatic utilitarian purpose. Such is the design of Lago.


 An important final note about Lago and their gorgeous catalog of furniture – most of the pieces in the collections can be customized from a finish or material perspective. Lago strives to create a harmony with the owners of their fine furniture whereby the owner and user can participate in the construction and the essence of a piece by providing input and making choices about the pieces they receive. 


If you are ready to experience the best selection of Italian furniture in Miami, come check out one of our showrooms. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to help you find the perfect piece for your home.   

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