Inspiration|Waterfront Home by Dunagan Diverio

Waterfront Home by Dunagan Diverio


A Miami Beach waterfront home with a special footprint that feels upscale, contemporary, and bold, while still having cozy elements that make it an inviting home throughout. Every piece has an impact, and as you look through the pictures, you see a space that has been elevated beyond the beautiful architecture. Beyond the furnishings, to something of grander presence together.


This project presents a space that uses design elements to enhance the owner’s life through thoughtful details and a strong aesthetic presence. It’s the culmination of impeccable furniture, imagined and implemented by the world-class design team at Dunagan Diverio. As you walk through this elegant, and powerfully staged home, the transitions are seamless, despite bold furniture choices that each have a distinct presence.

Kitchen Area:

In the kitchen area, you may notice Plumage barstools. Their slim contoured seating surface helps to offset the linear design features and make the area a bit more approachable, without over-softening the stark contemporary feel of the kitchen space. The natural light aids in that transition from the kitchen to the dining area. Here you get some contrasting color elements on the monochromatic scale which blend with warm tones of the wood together with the contemporary elements. The beautiful wood grain on the back of the Aisha Chairs and throughout the Kevin table, combine to enhance each of the two contemporary masterpieces from Porada’s line.


The cohesion is brilliantly staged in the look and feel of the space, as it is approachable but still refined, contemporary and structured. Wonderful use of lines and subtle curves with a comfortable pairing of colors and tones. Anima Domus provided fully customized wall units that maximized wall space, and footprint while establishing endcaps to the rooms that show off lean, efficient, contemporary structures. Carefully curated furniture in the office like the Louis Chairs designed by Patrick Jouin for Porada offers subtle curves. The Louis chairs play well with the subtle rounded features of the Ziggy Side table from designer Carlo Ballabio.


The bedroom presents the sublime, fresh, and restorative feel of this Miami Beach home perhaps best, with its flowing, cozy look that elicits a breezy, coastal vibe while still feeling structured and focused. Porada’s majestic Giove Mirror opens the space up and reflects all the tropical greenery, with that upper deck vantage point, while the Ziggy bed keeps it as a place of rest and rejuvenation. The modern-inspired Ziggy collection is a beautiful Porada catalog that works well in so many spaces.


This property is a culmination of interesting architecture, beautiful design inclusions and a cohesive feel that prioritizes the layout of the unique space and positions the owners to enjoy every bit of their home. Impeccable furniture coordinated by talented designers produces a winning look and a comfortable lifestyle.

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