Inspiration|Turnberry Apartment by Gil Cioni

Turnberry Apartment by Gil Cioni


With an unobstructed view of the ocean and the intercoastal, the Turnberry Ocean Club is an upscale residence to consider in The Sunny Isle Beach area. It offers spacious apartments along with a dramatic mid-building, 3-story amenity complex. Gil Cioni, a premier designer in South Florida, and his transformative project in the Turnberry Ocean Club shows off his style with a focus on creating elegance in warm, comfortable spaces. Cioni’s approach prioritizes a living environment for design that provides a beautiful, balanced contemporary palette. The project also presents an implementation of premium furniture within a fluid space that transcends a normal day-to-day residential interior. It establishes a home that truly impacts the owner’s quality of life positively. The subtle use of color produces a depth and presence that is hard to find in the area, allowing a small divergence from the monochromatic look that gives a bit of character.


In the entrance area, we see a light pink Pixel sofa that immediately invites guests to relax and stay a while. The Pixel is a resplendent, inviting piece that offers comfort and composition. With a custom-designed wall unit opposite, efficiency and clean lines are maintained. The incredible Noemi chair in a beautiful velvet fabric and Canaletto walnut lightens up the entranceway with its playful and cozy feel.

The back of the Pixel mates up to a strong contemporary feel in the kitchen, bar and dining area where the impressive Juice Table by Miniforms, pairs with Suite P chairs, which are Midj classics. Porada harmoniously furnishes the living area, where a strategic division is made with subtlety and deference to the volume of the space, with the Gamen, a wonderful room divider by Tarcisio Colzani. The Argo sofa adorns the wall, offering a tasteful balance and trademarked beautiful contemporary design.

The multiple Louis Chairs face a Webby 1 bench to form a beautiful peninsular effect around the striking glass Quadra coffee table along with the Argo sofa. The inclusion of the Louis chairs with their elegant, interesting profile softens the flow to incorporate that relaxed feel. Porada seating options enhance the aesthetic and entertainment capabilities of this big living space. From essentially all seating positions in the living area, an almost surreal view for miles can be experienced.


The master suite is accessible through a seamless door transition built into the paneled wall just beyond the Gamen room divider. It’s a fun mix of Pianca and Porada pieces that balance well with the wonderful Oluce Atollo Glass lamp that softens the entire scene. Atollo is a timeless, iconic option designed by Vico Magistretti. Porada’s Nissa Chair and Axxia bench provide soft fabrics and warm woods for this room. Amante Bed and Dedalo nightstands, both from Pianca, face an efficient, customized wall unit that showcases highly functional storage while elegantly offering a sleek aesthetic. The resulting coziness is palpable, while the efficiency is undeniable.


As we travel to the other end of the residence, we see the private, cozy bedrooms that present pristine local views through floor-to-ceiling glass. We begin to see the subtleties of the Italian contemporary furnishing shine through when it comes to the user experience on the softer side of the home. These other rooms provide comfortable accommodations with the amazing Cuff bed, Up Chairs, and 3 strategically placed sets of Kali Duo bunk beds. The choice to use CLEI facilitates a gorgeous look and provides extended functionality in these rooms so visitors feel right at home. We are so happy to be part of projects like this and to be able to translate the knowledge we gain into crafting great customer experiences.


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