I Am An Influencer – Concept Space by Guimar Urbina


Keeping up with contemporary trends and rapidly changing concepts is something that is extremely important for interior designers to embrace. With a shifting digital perspective on how we perceive the world, engage in business, and consume content, our physical spaces have to be malleable and reflect our changing everyday needs.

Technology, the internet, and now social media have revolutionized how business is done. People crave more information, more content, and more connection with how objects and concepts are made and executed. Clients want to connect with the culture behind the work.

With that NEED in mind, Guimar Urbina created the concept space: I AM AN INFLUENCER. The space shifts and alters to keep up with the need to create fresh, ever-changing digital content. This is relevant to anyone who wants to bring people into their culture with live videos, in-person meetings and more…

Bold Design


An octagonal entrance sets the tone for this bold office design overlooking the Brickell skyline. The open floor plan has two distinctive spaces that flow seamlessly into each other. Fully furnished by Anima Domus, the spaces come together with one coherent language through Urbina’s progressive vision.

To the left, a stylish office that utilizes Phillippe Starck’s eye-catching Lou Read chair as a focal point–with it’s prominent high-back it sits almost like a contemporary “throne”. The curving shape of the “Fl@t” chairs and geometric base of the Skorpio table provide the space with a sleek contemporary look. Bringing everything together is the incredibly unique and smart use of moving panels covered in wallpaper from the new Guimar Urbina Collection by The Wallpaper Company.

Versatile Spaces


To the right of the entrance is an incredibly dynamic lounge area that is perfect for informal or creative meetings. It boasts two large Belair chairs by Leonardo Dainelli that are remarkably comfortable, two easy-to-move wooden Torii stools, and a set of leather Sugar and Bruce stools that offer some hidden storage! The Phantom mirror and Superloon light act as amazing accent pieces for this creative space!

Same Space. Different Feel.



The turning wallpaper columns completely transform the feel and overall vibe of the room. As seen in this image, there is so much warmth and richness added by the fabrics placed on the Sketch coat hangers by Porada and the light and soft tones of the panels behind them.


The same exact space with the panels turned over 180° and the Sketches without anything hanging on them, allows for a completely different aesthetic. The bronze tones mixed with the exposed wood give the space an earthy feel.

Easy to Move

20191113_ad_casacor-9 20191113_ad_casacor-11

The strategic use of the Torii stools gives the lounge space an added layer of versatility. Move the stools and create different settings as you need.

Incredible Pieces Coming Together for a Unique Remarkable Space.





Visit Guimar’s website to see how you can experience this unique space in person!



Guimar Urbina Team:

Guimar Urbina_Lead Designer

Sara Valles_Architect

Simon Palacio_Interior Designer

Valentina Mesa_Architect

Alhanouf Andijani_Intern


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