Since 1998, Anima Domus has seen thousands of trends come and go. Various colors, different finishes, the use of clusters, or the use of open spaces–– truly, the one thing that has kept constant, is that there will be new trends each year.

While trends have a lot to do with opinion and taste, the one thing that all of our trendsetting design and architect clients can agree on––the Golden Rule–– is that a good rule of thumb on where to spend the extra money when buying furniture is “anything that comes between you and the ground.” This is a good for most purchases in life. Shoes and tires are definitely important, but considering that most humans spend more than half of their life: sleeping and sitting, for furniture it is crucial.

Here are some of the pieces that this rule really applies to:

  • 1. The Family Room Sofa


The family room sofa is often one of the core pieces of the home– the heart of the home. It is where you gather your family, bring guests, watch movies, cheer for your favorite sports team, and celebrate many occasions in the company of others. For the number of hours spent on this piece of furniture, it is important for it to be durable, comfortable, and visually appealing. When buying the perfect sofa, it’s important that you see how you and your family will utilize it. For example, the Gamma sofa pictured above, allows you to customize the seat depth, the firmness of the cushion, the general size of the sofa, as well as the stitching. The ability to customize your experience makes it easy to pick the sofa you like aesthetically that fits your every need.

Does your home need a sofa or sectional? Do you prefer firm or soft? Is the seat depth adequate? Fabric or leather? Lower to the ground or higher up? These are all very important questions that should guide your purchasing decision.



  • 2. The Favorite Poltrona (Armchair)

Desiree Lacoon chair by Jai Jalan

Investing on a sofa is a must. It is a shared seating experience that needs to be taken seriously as it experienced by many. However, spending on a quality armchair should be just as well thought out. The poltrona is more of a personal object, and if you are an armchair lover, you know just how important it is. Sinking into the exact seating experience you want is crucial and only a quality item will do the job. Desiree, one of our premium armchair manufacturers, creates forward thinking design armchairs such as the Tulis collection or the Lacoon collection (pictured) that explore the contemporary lifestyle needs and give solutions that are different than the norm.

Just like a sofa, it is important to ask the right questions. With arms or without? Fabric or leather? Reclining, swiveling, or still? With a foot rest or without? What are you going to use it for?


  • 3. The Dining Chair

UP CHAIR WOODEN ARMSThe Dining chair is an extraordinary piece of furniture. It gathers beneath meals with long lost relatives, new loves, and old friends. It is there through political discussions, romantic conversations, daily rundowns, and hopefully through a lot of laughter. While these moments can take minutes, they usually last hours. Sitting hours on an uncomfortable chair is absolutely terrible when you are trying to enjoy your dinner. It can turn any nice occasion, unpleasant. Tonon, a top Italian seating manufacturer uses a high density foam as an available material for some of their chairs. This material is durable, firm yet comfortable, and easy to clean. It also creates limitless design options that they have explored due to such a versatile material. The Up chairs pictured above is available in this high density foam (with or without the wooden detail) or in leather.

The right dining chair needs to have the proper seat cushion and back support. Ask yourself if you want it with or without arms? Does the seat match the table height?


  • 4. The Mattress

Magniflex mattress at Anima Domus

If the bed frame = good looks. The mattress = personality. Let’s be honest, it is hard to be around someone with a bad personality without getting in a bad mood. Just like it’s hard to sleep on a bad mattress without waking up cranky. A bad night of rest is utterly upsetting, and the mattress is the #1 culprit. There are top of the line options nowadays that can last you a very long time, with amazing sleep.  Magniflex, one of our Italian partners offers premium foam mattresses that have no off-gassing (releasing harmful chemicals while you sleep) and are not a petroleum based memory foam. This means it is pressure, not heat activated. This mattress does not need heat in order to fold to your every corner and will not trap heat; keeping you at a nice temperature all night long. What is important for your sleep habits? It is important to have that dialogue when investing in your sleep.

Of course, we truly believe that every piece of furniture is important and should be bought with great attention to detail. It should be a piece that fits your needs and your lifestyle. Representing over 60 Italian manufacturers, Anima Domus has been providing these full concept solutions for numerous clients. These are the questions we ask you when you are buying from us. How will this piece function in your space? How will it make your life better?

So our advice today is, make sure that you always invest wisely on what goes between you and the floor!

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