On Thursday, April 27th, 2017, Anima Domus formalized its partnership with Gamma Arredamenti, a top of the line Italian upholstery manufacturer, by celebrating in maximum style. With South Florida Luxury Guide as our media partner, the event brought together all things luxury, leather, and fun!
IMG_8430Luxury cars from Lou La Vie greeted the guests as they walked on the red carpet.


IMG_8454Italian charcuterie and cheeses for the guests to indulge.

IMG_8456Signature drinks: Gamma Collins & Anima Rocks from the wonderful mixologists at Thierry’s Catering.
IMG_8460Andrea Liera, Jack Tobin, Federica Roppo, Gabriele Ghetti, and Andrea Sartori, members of the Gamma team, toast to the new partnership!

IMG_8463Our sponsor Pieropan provided a Soave Classico, a delightful white wine.

IMG_8464Marconi Naziazeni, co-founder of Anima Domus and Jack Tobin.


IMG_8466Carolyn Mendoza and Aaron Peterson

IMG_8468Pictured: Ron & Carrie Kaminski

IMG_8469Incredible sparkling wine sponsored by Ferrari Trento

IMG_8470Pictured: Fad Airo, Leandro Oliveira, and Jordi Ricart.

IMG_8473Pictured: Ruben Marangone, Marie Avanzato, and Gerardo Gestoso

IMG_8475Pictured: Fernando Navarro and Joselyn Casanova

IMG_8478Pictured: Domingo Congiusto, Romy Sweeney, Luis Casas, Joe Jaca, and Tony Adams

IMG_8480Pictured: Talia Capistrano, Jonathan Gilman, and Cristina Roldan

IMG_8484Pictured: Marina Chemerisov

IMG_8486Pictured: Bruce Bounds and Annetta Shaeffer


IMG_8489Pictured: Silvia Torres and Anadir Espinoza

IMG_8492Pictured: Magita Rojas and Suzy Cisneros

IMG_8496Pictured: Marisol Mejia and Graciela Diaz.

IMG_8497Pictured: Ramazan Patak, Candemir Ozer

IMG_8499Pictured: Jose Feita, Nury Feria, Marconi Naziazeni, and Marko Djokic

IMG_8502Marconi Naziazeni and Marko Djokic, Anima Domus Sales Manager for the Aventura showroom

IMG_8505Pictured: South Florida Luxury Guide’s founder, Lynette Janac and Scott Johnston

IMG_8506Pictured: Magita Rojas and Lynette Janac

IMG_8508Pictured: Vanessa Nunez and Cayleth Vivas


Pictured: Lynette Janac and Graciela Yokana


Pictured: Graciela Yokana, Sophia Naziazeni, Silvia Naziazeni, Marconi Naziazeni, Cris Fittipaldi, and Lynette Janac

IMG_8514Pictured: Lynette Janac, Moira DeLuca, John California, Juli Anna California, and Sandra Osorio

IMG_8517Ed Morris having a glass of the splendid Ferrari Sparkling Wine.


IMG_8519Pictured: Katia Bates, Tom Bates, and Monica Gaiofatto

IMG_8525Marconi Naziazeni, Ana Paula Carvalho, Junior Carvalho, Cris Fittipaldi, and Gabriele Ghetti

IMG_8529Pictured: Mauricio Gaviria and Teresa Herrera Epstein

IMG_8534Pictured: Gabriele Ghetti, Marconi Naziazeni, Andrea Liera, Andrea Sartori, and Lynette Janac

IMG_8535Pictured: Lynette Janac and Antonio Cabrera
IMG_8539Pictured: Wes & Rosemarie Thompson, Todd Nordstrom, and Lynette Janac

IMG_8541Pictured: Luisa Pou and Veronica Tavares

IMG_8544Pictured: Dr. Rev Lisa Graham, Ken Tobin, Dr. Elizabeth D’Aguirre, Peter Leighton, and Lynette Janac

IMG_8552A few words by Gabriele Ghetti and Marconi Naziazeni about Gamma and Anima Domus.

IMG_8553Pictured: Meddy Mahieddine and Jana Passini

IMG_8555Pictured: Veronica Tavares, Andrea Liera, Andrea Sartori, Silvia Naziazeni, Gabriele Ghetti


IMG_8558Pictured: Natalie Novick, Juan Otoya, and Ana Bellini

IMG_8560Pictured: Andrea Subotovsky, Lynette Janac, and Moira DeLuca

IMG_8564Pictured: Elle Becerra and Carlos Saade

IMG_8568Pictured: Janette Janero
IMG_8572Pictured: Kesha Selvey and Thomas Figures

IMG_8574Pictured: Andrea Sartori, Andrea Liera and Victor Naziazeni


IMG_8576Guests enjoying the colorful and magical cucumber bites from Thierry’s catering.
IMG_8578Pictured: Janette Janero, Tiffany Gonzalez and Elle Becerra
IMG_8585Jorge Ottati, Marconi Naziazeni, and Victor Naziazeni

IMG_8587Pictured: Marconi Naziazeni and Jean Raymond Alexandre

IMG_8589Pictured: Mabel Alvarez and Altagracia Labrozzi

IMG_8591Pictured: Gill Rodrigues, Dr. Elizabeth D’Aguirre, and Dr. Rev Lisa Graham


IMG_8596Lynette Janac, Samantha Brittany, Steve Andrade

IMG_8598Pictured: Danielle Iglesias and Richard Rey

IMG_8600Pictured: Lynette Janac and Dr. Anique Bryan

IMG_8602Pictured: Dr. Anique Bryan and Johanna Tapia


IMG_8615Thanking South Florida Luxury Guide after many years of working together and for putting together an awesome event.
IMG_8621Pictured: Marie Coutier, Mauricio Gaviria, Heather McKean, and Ursula Winter


IMG_8629Frances Herrera, Lance Colby Hatch, and Caren Corso

IMG_8630The famous Golden Lips. Once you eat it, you will understand.

IMG_8642Pictured: Luisa Pou, Ramazan Patak, Milena Lizarazo, Lynette Janac, and Betty Alvarez
IMG_8648Pictured: Eliane Hornus and Liania Caprioglio

IMG_8650Pictured: Andrea Subotovsky, Marko Djokic, and Lynette Janac


Photography by Betty Alvarez

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