Gamma is the quintessential Italian upholstery company. A visionary pair of artisans, Gabriele Ghetti and Carla Botti came together to form Gamma Arredameti in 1974 – with the purpose to build fashion-inspired furniture that could satisfy both their high standards and their passion for creating functional art. The rest, they say, is history.  

When you view Gamma designs you notice the effortlessness and beauty of their upholstery and design which caters to creating that taut, fine finish quality that is so desirable. But perfect upholstery requires much more to exist. Gamma has built impeccable structures using artisan techniques and premium materials to ensure that when you purchase a piece of this sumptuous, pristine-looking furniture, it will last you a very long time. It will deliver the type of satisfaction that only a perfectly balanced piece can. If you have never seen Gamma furniture including their world-class sofas and beds, we invite you to explore. Aside from their extensive and incredible collections, they also offer a number of customization options, to make their products truly unique and functional to you.


Gamma Sofas


No boundaries attempt to constrain the Sunset – it is open and inviting, comfortable, and adjustable. There are no limits with the Sunset – how you want to sit in it, is how it will allow you to sit. 

A robust adjustment mechanism virtually hidden by sublime detailing and top-quality construction allows the backrest components to be adjusted for your perfect sitting depth and position. The sofa plays upon a linear architecture, but the subtle design cues allow for some slight curves to be added through the backrests and the pillows. Multiple slim platforms combine to make a comfortable seating surface that has depth and presence beyond most sofas. This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and can be made to work in any contemporary or modern space without difficulty.

A beautiful fitment of plush leather hides adorn a sleek and sinewy metal sub-structure for the perfect melding of raw materials and fashion-forward design. Sunset is the sofa you buy when you want timeless adherence to contemporary standards, but want comfort to shine through without trying too hard. It is utilitarian, cozy, and brilliant, without forsaking that contemporary heritage.



So perfectly Italian in design, and yet, so able to sync up to any space’s existing design cues – the Bond is blocky on the base, and svelte in the top end, with beautifully finished leather throughout. 

The staggering array of customization options makes this a collection that can please the most discerning buyer. From leather choices to colors, to finishes, to the cushion design and overlay options, this is as modular and custom as you will find from a premium manufacturer out of Italy. Bond has a special X-factor about it, and yet, it is easily the most specifically contemporary design in the entire sofa portfolio for Gamma. It will work in any space, period. But it is also able to be made into a true one-of-a-kind, with your input on how to utilize the world-class materials and the timeless design cues.



Ultra-contemporary, fresh and bold – perfect for the glass house overlooking the coast, or the stark white interiors of contemporary homes that have the footprint for a large sofa collection.

The soft cushions are built to hold that overfilled square/linear contemporary look for the duration. The highly detailed seat design offers comfortable seating angles and postures the Denny as a very robust sofa, despite having design features that denote contemporary sophistication and styling, like the thin legs and the platform structuring. The comfort level: Divine.

While it is an obvious contemporary piece by style, the Denny Sofa can also bridge the gap with your coveted modern pieces through selective upholstery choices to help bring back that vintage and modern feel through color and textures as needed. It allows the Denny to blend well and play harmoniously where the sofa will not be the focal point, but where you do need seating that has no compromises.



Sharp, provocative and edgy, the Edwin Sofa is a work of art that tells the story many other contemporary seating pieces wish they were bold enough to tell. The piping and sophisticated angular architecture extend beyond the underlying structure, and into the actual upholstery. This detailing gives it a certain presence that can make a room, and will remind you of your bold stylistic choice every time you catch it in your glance.

It is a sofa of unmatched comfort, but unmatched linear feeling as well, that is at once – solid, and resolute in looks, and inviting and cozy in use.

The angled backs to the seating surface offer easy exit and entry into the sofa, and no doubt, every person in the space will be fighting for one of the spots as this comfortable sofa is both stylistically edgy and a treat to sit it.



While the customization options allow for each piece of the Cadillac Seating catalog to be incredibly unique, all pieces exude a certain quality of modernity and contemporary luxury. It is no surprise that this gorgeous piece of seating incorporated leather and metal into its build, with the name it has chosen, but it does so with sophistication and purpose and simplicity at the same time. What a rare combination, to be able to incorporate simplicity and sophistication – as you gaze upon it – you cannot help but feel those qualities showcased, individually and collectively; elegantly.

 A sleek outer shell holds a soft, body cradling set of cushions that are overstuffed with premium fill. A best in class, unique, and unforgettable experience, as well as a statement-making piece of furniture with an appeal that spans many stylistic generations. 



The liberal style cues that Gamma used to envision the Hollywood Sofa are bold and infectious, as it creates a lovability that few contemporary sofas can with their basic strong lines and minimalist palettes. This sofa is still exercising a bit of restraint and minimalism, but has strong qualities of individualism and rebelliousness. It is a fun design that still adheres to mostly contemporary design ideologies and can fit anywhere a strong contemporary vibe will exist.

The cushions offer a haven and a bit of a wild side with their trademark edging and the glamorous tufting on the seatbacks. The whimsical frame is made more complete by adding a prodigious amount of premium leather to the structure to envelop the entire sofa into a leather sheath that offers a sophisticated, opulent shell for the sofa.  

The experience of relaxing on the Hollywood sofa is unique, all-encompassing, and thought-provoking – like anything with the namesake should be.



Alfred Sofa brings the catalog line’s main features (like hand topstitching and top quality leather) through to a spectacular seating arrangement that will not only wow the viewer, but satiate the user. 

It uses a strong contemporary set of lines combined with plush cushioning and otherworldly leather that comes together in a seating experience that is both unobtainable elsewhere, and not at all pretentious about its capabilities. Without sitting on the leather, you cannot imagine the qualities it imparts to the user – the word “transcendent” comes to mind. Luckily for Gamma, its reputation precedes the company, and you need not sit in the Alfred to fall in love with the Alfred. A single high-definition picture of the leather quality and some wider angle shots of this sofa will prove the finely detailed craftsman-made piece of furniture is as good as it gets.



Straight-laced, well thought out, and utilitarian are all words that could describe this sofa.

Alternatively, you could also call it the pinnacle of upholstered sofa design for the contemporary space, as it is quintessentially everything that a contemporary sofa strives to be, but which most can never deliver on. Gamma has delivered a home run with this beautiful offering. It hits all the most important features for the task at hand, but also has something special that you notice about it upon closer inspection – true longevity and timelessness in its obvious utilitarian design.  

Objectively, a nearly perfect sofa, few will find anything out of harmony with the Jack. The smooth buttery soft leather options and massive cushions offer supreme comfort, while the sleek outer architecture helps it look buttoned up with utilitarian features included for everyday living and enjoyment, like the side pockets and the gorgeously tufted lumbar pillows.



Classic meets contemporary and you win. The Tiffany is a gorgeous sofa that builds upon timeless block-concepts to create a monolithic and classic sofa core, that has ultra-contemporary design elements to improve utilization and enhance presence.

The clean lines and bulky base structure combine to add resilience and permanence that you wouldn’t find with most sofas utilizing the same design footprint. But the everyday quality of life features makes the Tiffany the gold standard in upholstered Italian leather sofas for the contemporary space. The luxurious hides sit tufted into cavernous seating surfaces that offer just the right amount of cushion, without losing the boldly contemporary lines. The flip-up head and upper backrests add a sophisticated touch that makes this sofa so livable. Big blocky armrests and bases make this modular collection seem permanent, even if you can customize it far more than most sofa offerings in the space, and you are always just a moment away from a potential design change if you desire.

Sleek and smooth, this is the ultimate sofa to show off pristine leather hides – the finest in the world in a space that desires contemporary styling, and everyday utilitarianism.


Gamma Beds



Stunning, linear, and bold, yet still inviting with an appropriate amount of coziness, the Sayonara bed is a monolithic beauty that leverages vertical stature to pronounce majesty and presence. It  incorporates the contemporary floating edge look and prominent stitchwork that keeps the clean and sleek palette. Sayonara is an ode to the clean lines that the best contemporary pieces bring to any type of space, but it is also an exercise in opulence and comfort because of the fine Italian leather it incorporates into the design and the padded, linear tufting that adds elegance and form.

While the Sayonara Bed by Gamma is gorgeous as is, it is available in many different customized formats. Like all Gamma Furniture, you can put your personal touch on this bed.



A sanctuary-like sleeping experience is expected with Tulip and it is both comfortable and stylish with the subtle curves and organic feel. The smooth, sumptuous leather used for the bed is soft to the touch and shows commitment to using the finest materials available anywhere by Gamma. 

A gorgeous accent piping line follows edges and segments the outer edge of the sleeping platform to give a subtle touch that few beds incorporate. Gamma Beds are customizable and full of artisan details that will continue to impress years after the first night you sleep in them. Tulip showcases this gorgeous handcrafted methodology throughout the experience and offers a genius-level way to combine different design motifs in your bedroom space with it’s organic, curvy lines.



You can find hints of modern in this sublime bed made with gorgeous leather and hand stitching, but it’s as contemporary as it comes. It is sleek and slim in profile, but big in impact and has a cavernous footprint to accommodate your mattress without taking up unnecessary floor space. 

The topstitch seems simple at first, but the complexity and perfect implementation are clear at a longer glance, with the impeccable spacing and character that can only be done by hand. It is slightly nuanced and yet, balanced in every way. This stitching fits harmoniously with the clean lines and soft feel of the bed.


If you are ready to experience the best selection of Italian furniture in Miami, come check out one of our showrooms. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to help you find the perfect piece for your home.   

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