The melting pot of different cultures and customs in South Florida allows Anima Domus to serve a wide variety of clients. With many differences in taste and style, there is one thing all of our customers all have in common: the need for impeccable design and unwavering quality. With over 50 Italian manufacturers represented in our collection, we are able to cater to each individual’s sense of style.


One item that always says a lot about a person is dining chairs. Some people like leather, others like wood…or even plastic. Some, really care about the comfort over the design, while others are will to sacrifice comfort in order get the perfect look they want. In this post we wanted to showcase some of our most unique chairs and what they might say about your personality!


1. Voglauer: Spirit

The Voglauer ‘Spirit’ is a regal chair. It is extremely comfortable, with its plush leather seat and back rest. Its strong curves demand attention and though it is a large chair it is not overly bulky. The design of this chair is different than any other chair in the market. It is perfect for people who like unique and bold design, while enjoying comfort fit for royalty.

Voglauer Spirit Dining Chair contemporary armchair detail Voglauer Spirit Dining Chair contemporary armchair


2. Porada: Ester

The ‘Ester’ dining chair by Porada is for those with refined taste. We have represented Porada for the past 18 years and it has some of the best wood work in the world. When you run your hands on the wooden back of this chair, it is the smoothest wood–you can literally feel the quality with your finger tips. The clean and subtle curves of the ‘Ester’ are distinctive, yet delicate. This chair will bring great flow to your dining room. The ‘Ester’ chair is the definition of finesse.

ESTER_W infinity-ester


3. Tonon: Up

The ‘Up’ chair from Tonon is a cool chair. It is for those who like to think outside the box. This chair comes with numerous different bases and is available in both leather or injected foam. It can be customized into two-tones or even with a wooden accent on the arms. It is absolutely beautiful and one-of-a-kind. It is a fun chair for the lighthearted individual.



4. Cattelan Italia: Isabel

Unlike the other chairs in the list so far, the Isabel looks much more like a standard chair. It has clean straight lines and four straight legs. However, there is nothing standard about it. It has an extra layer of comfortable leather seating that rises over the back and folds over to the other side of the chair. There is an elegant stitching on the back rest that gives this chair its distinctive look. The ‘Isabel’ is one of our bestsellers because it is so relatable and goes well with almost everything. It is available with a low or high back and with or without arms. If this chair were a person, it would be everyone’s best friend.

CattelanItaliaIsabelH3 A2375B39-8C41-4072-BF94-713C55D170C5



5. Driade: Miss Lacy

‘Miss Lacy’ is a seductive and intriguing chair. It is a Philippe Starck original and is sure to leave a lasting impression on all of your dinner guests. This chair is a little bit of a show off…but if you got it, flaunt it! Right?




6. Voglauer: Spin

If the ‘Spirit’ chair by Voglauer is the king. The ‘Spin’ is the prince. It is a little less bold than the Spirit, but equally as interesting. The ‘Spin’ has similar curves,  however, the back legs are made of one solid piece that connects with the back rest. This chair is comfortable, elegant, and also made for royalty.



7. Porada: Andy

One of the newest chairs from Porada’s collection, the ‘Andy’ is a great addition to our catalogue. It has a more classic look while still maintaining the contemporary aesthetic. This chair is extremely graceful and pairs well with a nice bottle of red wine.

ANDYrgb smallINFINITY ellrgb



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