Our designer feature this month is with the gracious ladies from Cardenas + Kriz Design Studio.

Cardenas + Kriz Design Studio is a South Florida-based, boutique design studio led by Ivette Cardenas and Cynthia Kriz. The pair specializes in Interior Design and Interior Architectural services for high-end residential and commercial projects, committed to creating luxurious, innovative and meaningful spaces.

Today, we are featuring an incredible project that we have completed with Cardenas + Kriz Design Studio at Paramount Bay. This project is one of the many stunning projects that we have done together with close attention to detail and custom to the client’s needs.
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The Paramount project was done for a South American family that wanted a second home in Miami. When we asked Ivette about the inspiration for the project, she said, “They wanted their Miami home to be modern and luxurious, yet warm and timeless; the inspiration came easy to us with the amazing water views and Miami skyline from the apartment.”


7W2C4904 7W2C4877 7W2C4889One of the great things about working with Cynthia and Ivette is that you are always getting two sets of ideas. With similar work ethic and passion for design, the Cardenas + Kriz team put together Ivette’s architecture background and Cynthia’s interior design schooling and create beautiful homes.

“Most of the times Cynthia and I think much alike when it comes to design, but we each bring our unique style and sense to the project, and give our clients the peace of mind that they can count on both of us at all times; at the end having two sets of eyes means less mistakes and more attention to details…”, says Ivette.

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With each project so different from the other, they are really able to grasp the client’s needs and show it in their work, however, one of the key standout things about Cardenas + Kriz is their use of texture and lighting. “…we like to incorporate, whenever possible architectural lighting and wall textures. The correct lighting is all!  it helps create the ambiance and functionality of a space, it enhances textures and gives you the possibility to highlight specific furniture pieces and artwork.”, says Ivette.

Here are some of the the textures and lighting from the Paramount project:


7W2C4993 7W2C4979 7W2C4965



We asked the Cardenas + Kriz girls to give us some tips on design!


1. Start on plan!

We believe that the key to a beautiful space is a functional and proportional furniture layout.

2. Play with textures!

It doesn’t have to be the entire house, but choose a specific area and make it special by adding texture to it. It could be a wallpaper, a stone, or even wood panels.

3. Change the door hardware.

Not always does the budget allow for every single thing we wish for. Custom doors can get really expensive but by changing the handles and hinges you can dramatically improve the looks of your existing ones.

4. Don’t let a small space limit your creativity.

We find that a well thought out design can incorporate all of your needs, even in very small spaces. There are many ways of approaching these challenging projects, with custom furniture and built-ins or with furniture systems like “Clei” – We have used the Clei murphy beds and units in many projects.  It is really an amazing product that offers great solutions for small spaces, without sacrificing the looks or quality of your design.


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