Our designer feature this month is with the charming Alexis Elias of Elias Elias AR.

Elias Elias AR is one of the top architecture, interior design, planning and development firms, originally from Mexico, but with firms in both Guadalajara, Mexico and Miami, USA.

We have completed numerous projects with Elias Elias AR, but one of our most recent, was a stunning ocean front house: ‘El Paredon.’ This project, ‘El Paredon’, is a custom-made home in Puerto Vallarta, constructed and designed by Elias Elias AR and fully furnished by Anima Domus.

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“We always try to maintain a balance and sensitivity to client needs and preferences while being true to our own standards of high quality design and the attention to detail. That is what makes us truly unique,” says Alexis.


One of the interesting things about working with Alexis is that you get a designer that thinks like an architect. The ability to look and understand a space in greater depth is extremely important because the functionality of the space gets explored in a totally different way. Elias Elias AR is able to marry the two universes of both form and function. “Our approach to designing and building, combines a lot of years of experience by working on different types of projects in different parts of the world…”


As you may notice with the El Paredon project, Elias Elias AR is able to play with color in a way that is lively whilst graceful and welcoming. There is an elegance to the color that he splashes to the wall, as it only adds to the furniture and architectural elements of the house. Alexis states, “We are not afraid of experimenting with color. Color is light and we like light on our projects.”

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The other great part of Elias Elias AR projects is that they really advocate the idea of fun in the work they create. “…we play with unexpected details, we like to have fun with our projects and our clients like to have fun features; having a story to tell behind a design. We like to emphasize the FUN in the word Function when we say that in our projects Form follows FUNction,” says Alexis.

By incorporating the incredible view into almost every room of the house and the large luscious trees through the balcony and into the architecture, they play with the nature that surrounds them. They play with color, shape, and each client’s imagination and it is shown vividly in the furniture selection, in the mosaics, and in the accent pieces they select. When you look at the house, it looks effortless and flowing, but behind the El Paredon project is hours of planning and sculpting by Alexis and Ricardo Elias of Elias Elias AR.

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DSC_0288     We asked Alexis to give our readers some tips on how        to design their space.


         1. Free your mind
         2. Break away from convention
         3. Explore materials and what they can do and embody.
         4. Never forget that Form follows Function
         5. Incorporate the FUN part.
         6. Don’t be afraid of using color














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Elias Elias AR:
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