Anima Domus prides itself on being a service-oriented contemporary furniture showroom. With highly trained, happy, and dedicated staff, you get complete support and hands-on customer service every step of the way.

When you walk into an Anima Domus showroom, you will be greeted by one of our experienced Design Specialists. Personally trained by the Italian manufactures we represent, our Design Specialists are knowledgeable on all technical aspects of our collections. They are specialized in assisting you in picking the right items and finishes that will best fit your home and your lifestyle.

Depending on each client’s needs, Anima Domus has a team of in-house technical consultants that make up our Projects Department. These highly skilled professionals will make any idea come to life. Whether it is for TV wall units, closets, or one of our space-saving solutions by CLEI, the Anima Domus Projects Department will create the perfect compositions that will transform your room into a functional and elegant space.

The backbone of the company lays behind-the-scenes. The tight-knit group of individuals that have been working together for many years always make sure that your order is placed correctly, delivered on time, and assembled perfectly. Everything is done in-house and your satisfaction is our personal responsibility; which is why Anima Domus has the highest rate of returning clients in our industry.

If you have not had a chance of working with us yet, give us a try! We will gladly welcome you into our family.

Marconi Naziazeni


Marconi co-founded the company along with his wife Silvia in 1998 and is the charismatic mastermind behind Anima Domus. Completely involved in all aspects of the company, he constantly strives for perfection and takes everyone along with him. A true enthusiast in all things car related, you can find Marconi at F1 stands, as well as, in an RV watching the Daytona 24 hour race.

Silvia Naziazeni


The concept of Anima Domus began when Silvia, an architect and interior designer, joined her craft with Marconi’s business experience. Married to Anima Domus for 18 years and to Marconi for over 29 years, Silvia Naziazeni is the true definition of the boss’s boss. She is the person in charge of selecting the main items for our display. A tastemaker with an eye for quality, Silvia only accepts the best of Italy to be placed in our showrooms and, of course, in your home.

Marko Djokic

Aventura Showroom Manager

Marko is the main commercial guy in our structure. An integral part of the core business decision-making, he has been with Anima Domus for the past 17 years. He knows each manufacturer’s catalogue so well, that he can probably name you the page number with the item you are looking for. (One of our manufacturers even named a collection after him). Be prepared, your life will never be the same after you meet this guy!

Mauricio Medina

Design Specialist
MiMo Showroom

An architect by trade with a specialization in marketing management and a diploma in residential design, Mauricio used to be an Anima Domus client 12 years ago. After some convincing, he joined the team in 2012. His technical ability is undisputed, and if Mauricio tells you something is definitely going to look good, it WILL! The truth is that he just has the eye…not to say he’s a little bit picky…

Victor Naziazeni

Design Specialist
MiMo Showroom

Having grown up in the Anima Domus showroom and in furniture fairs, Victor has a natural talent when it comes to selecting pieces for your home. He spent a summer in Italy interning with Pianca, one of the many Anima Domus suppliers, truly understanding both sides of the industry. Victor is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish…and can hold pretty good conversations in Italian. He is as good with languages as he is interesting to talk to… it is worth stopping by the showroom just to pick his brain.

Thanne Capobiango

Design Advisor
Aventura Showroom

Thanne is Marko's right-hand-woman and the go-to person when we need anything from Aventura. A patient and organized individual, Thanne is capable of keeping the showroom orderly and peaceful during showroom rush-hour! (Which happens quite frequently in Aventura!) She has been part of our family since 2010 and is probably one of the few people who can actually keep up with Marko’s fast paced nature!

Cristiano Silva

Project Manager

When Cristiano first started with Anima Domus he would help deliver and assemble the units. His experience on the field, installing all the pieces from our collection, gave him a solid knowledge of the technical engineering of basically everything that we represent. Over a decade later, he is head architect of the Projects Department and a technical genius. With years of experience traveling to all of the trade furniture fairs, Cristiano is always pushing the envelope—designing bold and creative configurations that go beyond standard collections offered by our suppliers.

Helane Fontenele

Projects Department
CAD Specialist

Helane is the Anima Domus CAD extraordinaire! An architect by trade, Helane has a Masters in Civil Engineering and a specialization in Computer Graphic Design. She is our very own expert in computer renderings and 3-D models. Helane is the lovely person that allows you to visualize your finished projects before they come to life.

Leandro Oliveira

Logistics Guru

Leandro is our logistics guru, an expert in shipping containers from Milano to Miami. He is a full-time “fixer,” capable of finding a solution to any delivery problem that may arise… The guy you call when the sofa doesn’t quite fit in the elevator. He has been with Anima Domus for 12 years and can play a mean tambourine.

Ursula Silva

Office Manager

“Ela é Carioca, She’s a Carioca”… Ursula hails from Rio de Janeiro and is an extremely important member of our team. She is the one that makes sure that payments are always made timely and orderly. Extremely organized, focused, and hilarious, you instantly get into a good mood by speaking to her.

Jenny Brito

Order Processing

Jenny is often the voice on the other side of the phone when you call the MiMo Showroom—one of those who does a little bit of everything! Most importantly, she is the one who goes through every single item on each of our sales orders to make sure that they are 100% correct. Detail-oriented and technically savvy, she is our in-house safety blanket!

Veronica Tavares

Marketing Manager

Songwriter and musician by trade, Veronica found another way to express her creative juices as our marketing maven. Specializing in fun and new creative marketing solutions, Veronica is responsible for our social media, print ads, parties, videos, and more! (Time permitting, she writes and produces the background music to some of our videos).

Roberta Collier

Purchasing Coordinator

Roberta started out at Anima Domus in 2007 as an architect in our Projects Department. Throughout the years, she has been a versatile member in our team helping out wherever she is needed. With her very centered and methodical persona, Roberta is now our purchasing coordinator. Her technical capabilities allow her to conduct all of our purchasing smoothly and gracefully. She is also the office fitness queen! Just looking at Roberta reminds you that it’s time to hit the gym… the gym that her husband owns.

Joyce Ortega

Delivery Coordinator

The latest addition to our family, Joyce is the happy voice scheduling your deliveries. Always in a great mood, she is one of those people that can lift your spirits with a simple smile. Truly are hard worker, Joyce is full-time at our warehouse, all the while, studying Communications and Radio Broadcast.

Melzi Tabora

Customer Service Specialist

Melzi makes sure that every single claim - from small to large - is properly and timely addressed within our company. An extremely well organized person with a fantastic sense of teamwork, she is the person that will be talking to you when a claim is filed.

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