Anima Domus is a family owned business that was created based on a deep passion for contemporary design. More specifically, contemporary design made in Italy.

Since 1998, Anima Domus has been guided by one moral compass: Commitment.

Unquestionable Quality

By representing only the best of Made In Italy design, we can guarantee the quality of every single piece of furniture that you buy from Anima Domus.

Our management carefully curates every single one of the collections we offer to our clients. Visiting multiple furniture shows in Europe, alongside with personal and constant visits to the factories, Anima Domus is always at the forefront of the latest news, materials and technology in the contemporary design segment.

We believe that our products should be like our relationships: built for a lifetime.

Technical Services

The Anima Domus Projects Department is a team of highly technical individuals that make any concept and configuration come to life. By taking the time to understand and verify each client’s floor plan and needs, they are able to create the perfect layouts, elevations, and renderings that each client envisions.

Known by our suppliers as the most self-sufficient and knowledgeable staff in the world (this is true, we are not just bragging here!), the Projects Department is available for every single one of our clients that may need advice in developing a personalized project.

Customer Service

When you shop at Anima Domus, you are getting the best comprehensive value in the market. Our design and technical staff are undoubtedly knowledgeable and will make the sales process fun, easy, and simple!

Once your order is placed in our showroom, it goes through multiple revisions before it arrives in Italy. We take care of all of the logistics in-house and we see your order through to production and shipping directly from Milano. Once your order arrives at our warehouse, our expert white glove delivery and installation team — who have been with our company since the beginning — will provide you with worry-free results, impeccable customer service, and are there for you every step of the way.

Impeccable design, unwavering quality, unbeatable value is our motto.

Employee Happiness

Our staff truly makes Anima Domus a special company! In each and every office within our structure you will be dealing with a capable, happy and well trained professional.

At Anima Domus our employees find a place where they can flourish in their careers while, at the same time, having their needs properly protected through a substantial package of benefits: Competitive wages and bonuses, comprehensive health insurance, Personal Paid Time Off, paid holidays and a company-match Simple IRA program. These are some of the benefits offered to our staff.

Based on an open door management system, our family-like environment allows each employee to be an integral part of our operation.

Our Planet

When selecting the manufacturers that we represent, we always take into consideration their ecological footprint. We share with our mostly Italian suppliers the belief that it is important to protect and preserve our planet. Through the use of sustainable forests, renewable energy sources, and recyclable materials our suppliers are able to reduce waste and actively decrease their ecological impact. Finding a sustainable way of doing business is not only a sales speech for us. Rather, it is an essential part of who we truly are.

We also believe that by making a better use of our home space, through integrating more intelligent and functional furniture, we can have a smaller use of energy and Co2 emissions. That is why Anima Domus is the only distributor of space saving furniture, such as CLEI and Ozzio, in all of South Florida. So, maybe there is no need to keep growing our spaces. Maybe the answer is right in front of us: Let’s use our spaces in a more intelligent and efficient way.

Human Rights

It is a core value of Anima Domus to not only protect our planet, but also its inhabitants. It is important to acknowledge the conditions that many workers face in factories around the world that have lax labor protections and regulations. Behind the curtain of many cheap, knock-off products is the reality of 100-hour work weeks, slave/child labor, polluted work environments, and overcrowded facilities. Purchasing these products support these extreme violations of human rights. While it is easy to forget about this reality while shopping, it has a massive impact on millions of lives throughout the globe.

All of the suppliers represented by Anima Domus must meet our stringent standards for human rights. Their employees must work regular 40-hour work weeks, have great benefits and paid vacation. This provides not only a healthy lifestyle, but allows them to be passionate about their work, creating the impeccable, unique products you can expect from our collection. Human rights is directly correlated to the quality of our products, allowing craftsmanship to flourish with every piece.

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