• ModulART1
  • ModulART-Comp-224-with-R305-FrontsW
  • ModulART-Comp-224W
  • ModulART-Comp-225W
  • ModulART-Comp-226W
  • ModulART-Comp-227W
  • ModulART-Comp-228W
  • ModulART-Comp-229W
  • ModulART-Comp-230-with-G101-frontsW
  • Modul-ART-Comp-226-Mixed-FrontsW



Manufactured by Presotto Italia


The ModulArt wall systems aim to prove that math and algorithms can move the boundaries of design. By using complex calculations and by transferring the concept itself of shape to the concept of surface through textures. Decorative magnetic panels change their shape and contents, giving the observer continuously new and unexpected emotions. Multiple different configurations available, and can be customized to your needs.


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