When thinking of how to get the most out of their family’s new poolside/waterfront cabana in Key Biscayne, our clients decided to go past the conventional options and build a smarter and more functional environment. The concept was a dining room, a living room, and a bedroom all in one 205 square foot space.

As returning clients of Anima Domus, the couple was already familiar with our CLEI space saving wall beds. They had previously bought the ‘Poppi‘ system when they built their home and were able to experience the other systems in our showroom. Once they purchased the Cabana, they decided the perfect way to get the most out of the space, was to implement these space saving solutions.


“They wanted a place that they could entertain during the day–cook churrasco on a sunny day, go in and out to the pool, watch TV, play board games… and at night, be able to sleep comfortably in their weekend getaway,” said Mauricio Medina, Design Specialist, “…they are from South America, so they found the cabana to be a perfect place to host their family members and friends comfortably, giving their guest ample space and privacy.”


The project was fully completed by the Anima Domus Projects Department which took the client’s ideas and made them come to life. When using our Projects Department, our clients, both the trade and end-users, receive expert advice that guide them through the selection of the recommended collections–including finishes and proportions. Working together with our clients we guarantee the proper fit of the pieces and more importantly, we guarantee that the project will fall within the intended budget. The Projects Department is composed of: Cristiano, our Project Manager, Helane, our CAD Expert, and a member of the sales staff.


Like any project done by the Projects Department, it all starts with an idea and a floorpan. After sitting down with the client and analyzing the floorpan, we send our clients a proposal for the layout. The layout shows how the space will be distributed and the general flow of the room. Upon approval of the layout, we start adjusting the front views/elevations. We get into the details of the units: adding shelves, figuring out heights, deciding what goes where, and fine tuning the details.

Finally, once the client has decided on the system they will use, we prepare renderings that will allow them to visualize how their space with look once it is completed.

PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation

“One aspect to keep in mind is that when creating a tiny space, you have to consider the items closed during the day, but also open at night. Details like the distance between the beds really impact the flow of the room. Having the right circulation when all the beds are open is extremely important to how the room feels and for the user experience,” explains Mauricio.

1_20160203_cabana_0181_HDR-Edit-Edit 2_20160203_cabana_0001_HDR-Edit-Edit-Edit

The clients wanted to make as much space as they could without sacrificing design and functionality. They selected the ‘Ulisse’ dining—a dining table that can be converted into a bed by unlocking the system and pulling it down. When closed it fits 4-5 people around the dining table and when opened, it is a queen sized bed.

5_20160203_cabana_0321-Edit_HDR-Edit-Edit-Edit 7_20160203_cabana_0300-Edit_HDR-Edit-Edit-Edit 3_20160203_cabana_0276-Edit_HDR-Edit

The ‘Swing’ on the other wall is nice cozy sofa where you can spend hours on, whist being a storage unit beneath the cushions and a bed that pulls out from the wall.

9_20160203_cabana_0172_HDR-Recovered_1-Edit-Edit 10_20160203_cabana_0172_HDR-Recovered_1-Edit-2 11_20160203_cabana_0101_HDR-Edit-Edit 12_20160203_cabana_0092_HDR_1-Edit-2-Edit-Edit


The items that surround the ‘Swing’ unit include a substantial amount of storage and shelving. In front of the ‘Swing’ is a wall unit that holds a 65in television. You have to be really conscientious of storage in a tiny space such as this Cabana. It is important that you have somewhere to store the belongings you will need both night and day.


Another feature that makes this cabana special, is that we worked closely with the manufacturer to use the customer’s own material (COM). Though the sofa is not intended for outdoor use, the clients selected a Sunbrella fabric that would guarantee them peace-of-mind when their young children left wet towels on the Swing sofa.

See this cabana in action by clicking on our video below:

This beach front cabana is the ideal weekend getaway without having to leave your apartment complex. It is as easy to enjoy, as it is to open and close. Perfect for guests and perfect for your family.

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