How to Avoid 6 Common Home Decor Mistakes

We believe in a stress-free and pleasant environment when purchasing furniture for your home. It is important to focus your energy in selecting the items that resemble you and your needs the most, and let our furniture experts guide you through the rest.

The most common mistakes that occur in decorating and furnishing your home have to do with lack of experience and knowledge of how the the furniture and design industry works. This includes lead times, floor plans, and all of the details involved in creating the perfect contemporary home. We believe that you can avoid a lot of the stress involved with purchasing furniture if you follow some of our handy tips!


1. Understanding Lead Timesshutterstock_113745532

As with most things in life, timing is essential. It is important to understand how much time you need to complete a project and plan yourself accordingly. There are ultimately two main ways to shop for furniture: In-Stock and/or Special Order.

In-stock items are curated items from our Italian suppliers that are in our Miami warehouse available for immediate delivery. This extensive collection includes sofas, chairs, armchairs, dining tables, living room tables, mirrors, beds, cased goods, and more. It is a complete selection of some of our best-selling products, client favorites, and new pieces that we find exciting. It is constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of our demanding and refined clientele. Our clients love the in-stock options because they get the immediate gratification of having a beautiful space.

Special order is a great option if you have ample time and want to explore all of the available options. When you choose to do special order purchases you have access to over 80 Italian manufactures, at various budget points, hundreds of finishes, and thousands of products. Our knowledgeable team can guide you by understanding your vision and presenting you with the best options for your specific needs.


2. Explore The Different Available Finishes!

Kirk 3Pictured: Kirk Sofa by Porada

While monochromatic environments can be absolutely stunning, they are not the solution for every space. Each of our showrooms have entire closets of samples and swatches for you to explore! Play with different materials; woods, metals, ceramics, stones, and glass (even colored glass)! Our design team can help you select finishes that go well together and work with you in picking the very best for your contemporary home.


3. Consider the functionality of the piece and choose the best kind of material for it.

How something functions and interacts with your space is just as important as how it looks. Luckily, we are strong believers that you can achieve both a beautiful aesthetic and a comfortable and functional space. Your home shouldn’t feel like a museum. The secret to doing so? Choosing the correct materials and execution for each piece of furniture.

For instance, some people like to be able to place hot plates on their dining table without having to worry about using a trivet every time. Buying a table with ceramic top allows you to do that without the worry of breaking, staining, or burning the material.

Skorpio KeramikPictured: Skorpio Keramik Dining Table by Cattelan Italian

For seating solutions that get heavy traffic, such as the dining chair and family sofa, take time and consider the material and color that you choose. If it is fabric, ask if it has a removable slipcover. One extremely elegant and comfortable material that our clients tend to love is high density injected foam. Featured in many of our chairs by Italian manufacturer, Tonon, this material allows for extremely unique designs, and is very easy to wipe down. Good quality leather sofas and chairs are also often suggested.

Concept 2Pictured: Concept Chair by Tonon Italia (Project by Azienda Interiors)

Consult one of our experts for a solution to your space. When you can find a balance of comfort and design, you can get the most out of your home.

4. Avoid Clutter by Using a Layout of the Space or a Floor Plan.


There is a sweet spot when it comes to how much should actually fit in your space. Achieving that perfect aesthetic takes thoughtful layout and often times, professional assistance. When coming to one of our showrooms, bring a floor plan or a drawing with the sizes and layout of the space. This way, our team can visualize the environment and give you thoughtful and knowledgeable suggestions that take into account item proportions in relation to the environment and individual nuances of your specific space.


5. Use Your Space to its Full Potential

Tango Closed
Tango OpenPictured: Tango Sofa Wall Bed by Clei

Not to keep hammering the importance of a floor plan, but they really are essential. Another common mistake that people tend to commit is not realizing the full potential of their space. The truth is nowadays, small spaces can be amazing. For over ten years, Anima Domus has been the exclusive South Florida dealer for CLEI, the pioneer line of space saving furniture in the world. CLEI allows you to transform your office into a guest bed with a simple swivel (click here). Our project department has turned a 205 sqft cabana to eat, entertain, and sleep four (click here). By analyzing the floor plan, we can explore a solution that truly fits your individual needs.


6. Don’t forget the details.

PHANTOM2Pictured: Phantom Mirror by Fiam

There is no denying that your space needs the big items: the sofa, the dining table, chairs, wall unit, beds… Yes those are a must but don’t overlook the suspended lighting over the dining table. The side tables for the living room are extremely important. Your home needs at least one full length mirror. The area rug is crucial for giving a completed look. Don’t neglect the small stuff, they are equally important.


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