8 Key Ingredients for a Bedroom You’ll Never Want to Leave.


In a home, the bedroom functions as the untouched sacred space for the people that sleep there. It is the undisturbed corner to unwind and relax. From a design standpoint, it is important to create a relaxing environment that is both cozy and enjoyable. While each person has their own style, here are some key ingredients to having an incredibly beautiful contemporary bedroom:


1.The Italian Bed.


Italians are best known for the three Fs: Food, Fashion, and Furniture!

If the bedroom is the temple of the home, the bed is most surely the altar. An Italian bed brings years of passionate, impeccable craftsmanship to the place where you rest your head. Known for its sturdiness and exuberant beauty, Italian beds come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. From beds that seem to minimally float in the air, to pompous and imposing beds made of rich wood or upholstered in fine leather, to an inconspicuous wall bed there is a gorgeous Italian bed for everybody.


Italian-Bed2Pictured: Wing bed by Presotto
Sayonara2Pictured: Sayonara bed by Gamma Arredamenti



2. A Sleek Wall Unit with an Integrated Desk.


With advances in technology, the bulky televisions and VCRs that used to only have a place in the living room, became thin smart TVs that look good almost anywhere. Soon, televisions found their space in the bedrooms. Wall units are a great option for concealing cables and creating storage. To go a step further, you can create a wall unit with an integrated desk where you can rest your computer and optimize the use of your space. This extremely functional solution is perfect for those who want to make the most of their space.


Integrated-DeskOriginal wall unit composition by Anima Domus projects department.
Integrated-Desk2Original wall unit composition by Anima Domus projects department.


3. The Bench.


The bench in front of the bed is a classic combination that looks undeniably elegant! It adds a practical element, serving as a seat to put on your shoes or a place to throw all those decorative pillows!It also becomes a piece where you can add a pop of color or a new interesting texture to your space. For example, the Belt bench by Porada is made of interwoven, carved pieces of wood. Incredibly appealing, this little addition brings warmth and texture to the environment.


20180220_interiors_353sunset_0034Pictured: Belt bench by Porada


4. A Comfortable Armchair


Depending on the size and layout of your bedroom, an armchair or set of armchairs is a great alternative to a bench. It can serve a similar functional purpose as a bench and also be a nice place to sit and read.


armchairPictured: Ara armchairs by Porada


5. Accent Nightstands.

The nightstand may seem trivial but can add a lot of personality to the room. Purposeful as a storage solution and a place to set a lamp, the nightstand needs to blend harmoniously with the bed. The Dedalo by Pianca is a nice option that adds a lot of levity to the room due to its round nature. However, there are hundreds of different nightstand options in numerous finishes like wood, glass, leather, metal and combinations.

dedalo-ambient-04-h-arcit18Pictured: Dedalo by Pianca


6. The Mirror that Always Looks Good.


Mirror, mirror on the wall you’re the finest of them all. Find a mirror that makes you feel great when you look at it. Mirrors are not just meant to be reflective. With hundreds of collections to choose from, select a mirror that can double as a design piece you truly enjoy looking at and that ties in the design elements of the room. Fiam, one of the top glass companies in Italy, has an incredible catalog of mirrors of all different shapes and sizes, designed by some of the world’s greatest design minds.


Fiam_MaryPictured: Mary mirror by Fiam


7. Lamps


Bring the light in and do it in style! With so many options for interesting table lamps, don’t settle for something boring. Lighting should really go along with your needs. Are you looking for a piece that with illuminate your night time reading? A design piece? Or something dimmable to set the mood? Maybe what you need is somewhere in between. Between table lamps and wall lamps, the options are innumerous.


lampPicture: Oda table lamp by Pulpo
lamp2Pictured: Bell table lamp by Tom Dixon


8. The Area Rug


The area rug is the final touch that really ties everything in with a feeling of completion. Area rugs can add texture and color to the environment in a subtle or extravagant way, all while keeping your feet away from the cold floor. Henzel, a Swedish company brings some of the great designs by Warhol, Scott Campbell, Helmut Lang, Richard Prince, and many more to the art rug market. Whether you choose an eye-catching art rug or a more subtle piece, rugs are truly a must to give the feeling of completion.


RICHARD PRINCE - HENZEL STUDIOPictured: Henzel collaboration with Richard Prince


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