10 things that our contemporary furniture experts want you to know.

1. It is important to pay attention to the hinges and mechanical components of case goods.

tamok-1rbgPictured: Tamok Credenza by Porada


When it comes to case goods such as dressers, nightstands, sideboards, wall units, or anything with doors and/or drawers, it is absolutely crucial to look at the technical details.

Do the drawers open steadily? Is the mechanism hidden and soft closing? Will the doors be unaligned after the first few months?

If the piece is beautiful but the quality of the hardware is poor, you are buying yourself a problem for the short future.

Italian brands such as Porada, Pianca, Presotto Italia, CLEI, Sangiacomo and Jesse, spend a substantial amount of resources on R&D to bring to the market new mechanisms that are sturdy, innovative, and with less visible hardware, creating visually appealing solutions with smooth functionality.


2. How an item is produced truly impacts its real value.


PERSEO-PART-1croppedPictured: Perseo Table by Tonelli


As you may expect, the production processes play a direct role to the real value of each product. This can explain why sometimes a piece that functions the same as another may have a significantly different price point.

Most  of the time this has to do the with the construction of the furniture and the quality of the materials being used. Italian furniture manufacturers invest heavily towards perfecting hardware, procuring high quality leather and wood, making clean-45° angle cuts, seamlessly connecting different parts together, all-the-while, making sure that everything is done in a sustainable and ecologically responsible way.

All these efforts in manufacturing an item can be experienced with how the piece functions, the shape it takes, the perfect straight lines, the beauty, the sturdiness, and the unquestionable longevity it offers.


3. We highly recommend you coming to a showroom and experiencing the pieces in person before making your final decision.

Blog-post-picPictured: Bench by Voglauer


Just like you test drive the car to feel the leather of the steering wheel rub on your palm, to hear the sound of the engine when you accelerate, to experience the reactivity of the ABS brakes, you should always  “test drive” your furniture to feel how it will fit into your lifestyle.

Feel the softness or firmness of the seat cushion on the sofa, the depth of the dining chair, the height of the bed frame, the degree of the incline on the armchair. Imagine how often it will be used in your space. Ask yourself if it feels like something you would use everyday.

Local contemporary furniture showrooms like Anima Domus in South Florida, offer you the chance to know what you are getting, rather than blindly ordering online. Invest time to truly experience each of the  products you may be considering.

If you have the possibility of trying before buying it, visit a showroom and guarantee your satisfaction with the products being bought . (See our Golden Rule for Buying Furniture blog for more on this).


4. The color of your lighting makes a huge difference.

aim-suspension-bouroullec-flos-F00900-product-life-01-1440X802Pictured: Aim Suspended Lights by Flos


Lighting affects the way in which you perceive the world around you. It  impacts the colors we see and the mood each environment sets. An important example of how lighting changes the mood is the use of dimmed lighting in restaurants. The moment the restaurant turns down its bright lights for dinner time, the entire ambience changes and sets a tone for the evening.

Equally important to brightness, is hue. The hue, or color of the light, is determined by Kelvin. Most commercial lighting falls between about 2000K and 6000K.

For the home, we recommend warmer lighting. Around 2700K-3000K is considered “soft white”. This gives the space a cozy, relaxing vibe. It also helps bringing out the color of the furniture,making the space feel all around livable.

For office spaces, cooler tones (about 3500K) are more widely used. Cool light is considered to have an energizing effect and are better for reading and detail-oriented tasks. Standard fluorescent lights are often manufactured to give off these cooler tones.

Bottom line: lighting does change how you interact with the surroundings.

5. On your first visit to the showroom, bring a floor plan of your space.


When shopping for high-end contemporary furniture, you should expect a knowledgeable team to assist you with the layout and furniture selection. This is a service the Anima Domus team prides itself greatly on. The floor plan provides our team with a better vision of the space at hand. It helps our team visualize the blank space and, once we gather the concept and select the items, it will allow you to better understand the solution being proposed.


6. Never buy furniture on an impulse.


Properly furnishing your home will take time, thoughts and some patience. It should be done with lots of attention to details.

At Anima Domus, we believe in a pressure-free environment that is nourishing to the creative process.

Selecting the perfect items and layouts can be an enjoyable and fun journey for everybody. If you invest the appropriate amount of time, you can create your dream home.


7. Always remember that there are different options for different budget points!

Skyline-Wood-31-300rgb1Pictured: Skyline Table & Wanda Chair by Cattelan Italia


With over 75 different Italian furniture suppliers as part of the Anima Domus collection, there are various budget points that we can accommodate. Pianca, Bonaldo, Cattelan Italia, Gamma Arrendamenti, Porada, and CLEI are just some of the many important collections that you will find in our showrooms. If you have a solid notion of your budget, our team can assist you walking through different options to create the look that you want, while staying within your budget.


8. Fabric sofas, beds, and armchairs often have removable slipcovers for easy maintenance.

Ananta5Pictured: Ananta Sofa by Saba


For years, the concept that fabric sofas (or beds, chairs, etc…) will become dirty and in result, look poorly, have kept many people from buying furniture that is made of fabric. However, nowadays you can count on removable fabric slip covers for almost all of the fabric collections that we offer.

This allows for super simple cleaning and upkeep of your favorite fabric chair, sofa, and/or bed.

These slipcovers are great in case of permanent damage such as a tear, or in the case that you want to change the color of the item, you can just swap the coverings.


9. Home is where your style is! Play with different finishes.

Lou Read compositionPictured: Lou Read by Driade


Buy what feels like home. All of our collections displayed have multiple finish options. Whether you prefer minimalism and monotone environments, or colorful spaces – there is an option for everyone, for every space and for every project!


10. Most importantly: Enjoy the journey!


Come to the showroom, have a coffee, talk about sports or traveling, tell us what your kids are up to… We want you to enjoy the process because we certainly do! We are here to make lasting relationships that inspire your spaces. Although it may seem complex, we promise to help you make the process surprisingly enjoyable!


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